Holograms & High-rises – Song Kran and Outfit Post

It’s been a busy month of travel including Phuket, Bangkok and my last trip will be to Kuala Lumpur at the end of this month which I’ve never been to before.

I visited Bangkok for a week during the hottest time of the year and the celebration of “Song Kran” (สงกรานต์) – Thai New Year took place.

So here’s a little bit about Song Kran in case you’re not familiar with this festival. It marks the start of the Thai New Year and this year is 2559 (yes that’s right Thailand is on a whole different year as it goes by the Buddhist calendar). It last for 3 days from 13th – 15th April. What happens during that time? Many will go to temples to make offerings to the monks. But also a water festival begins. Traditionally Song Kran meant trickling water on the elderly and family members as a sign of respect and to wash away the sins of the year past. But now it is more internationally known as a water fight. The modern way Song Kran is celebrated is with water gun, ice water and sometimes putting power on people’s faces. This year luckily in the areas where I celebrated no powder to be seen, thank goodness because that stuff gets in your eyes and it’s horrible.


I headed to Central World and Siam with some friends to battle it out. But stopping on the way for some street food snacks and a rest before battling on. I’ve always enjoyed Song Kran but probably only the first day. After a day of being soaked and drenched in water the novelty kind of wears off. But not to worry, most people are quite respectful when it comes to splashing water. If you’re not carrying a gun or look like you’re fully dressed (e.g. not wearing flip flops, shorts and t-shirt and carrying some form of water weapon). most will not try to engage you into a one-sided soak-fest. Another way to avoid the water fight is to travel via BTS (skytrain ) or taxi and avoid the main splash zones (Siam, Silom, Khao Sarn etc.). Spend your time shopping, eating or watching a movie.

I hoped to make a VLOG about Song Kran in Bangkok for my Youtube channel, but to honest it was a little hard to capture video from my phone while it was in a waterproof pouch (sold during Song Kran season pretty much everywhere). I wasn’t sure how waterproof it was (I couldn’t quite believe the “100% waterproof” printed on the packaging), so used my old Samsung S4 to capture video. What I did capture was all very shaky as I was trying to avoid the water guns while filming.


I spent the rest of the time in Bangkok eating all my favourite foods, Som Tam (spicy salad), boat noodles, moo-bing (fatty pork on a stick), sticky rice, roti (fried sweet pancake/crepe) and drinking Thai ice tea.

I wore this outfit for shopping in Bangkok, a striped pencil skirt by Zara, a cropped halter top and pair of new shoes by Tracy & Belle which I discovered at Central Chidlom. I loved the hologram sheen of the strap which I felt went well with my TOPLOOK Sunglasses which I picked up in Artbox while I was in Seoul (15,000 won – around 100 HKD or £10).




I’m a city girl at heart and love the busy life of Bangkok. One day I may return to this city, but for now I will be happy to make a few visits a year just to catch up with friends and devour lots of tasty food.

Holograms and High-rises Look

Holograms and High-rises – Check out more of my outfit pics on MyFashionStage.com

Skirt – ZARA (similar here & here)

Hologram shoes – Tracy & Belle (same shoes but in silver here)

Sunglasses – TOPLOOK – Artbox


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A Bangkok Weekend: Youtube videos

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Black Friday sales and even perusing Cyber Monday sales. It seems the UK has adopted these sales but without the Thanksgiving holiday.

Before coming to England I stopped off in sunny Bangkok for weekend packed full of activities, including shopping, food, seeing friends, more food, clubbing and yes more food.

To check out what I got up to for Halloween and my JJ Market (Chatujak Market) experience press play below:

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Autumn Beauty Faves – YouTube Video

It’s that time of year where the leaves change colour, the temperature starts to cool down and pumpkin spiced lattes are a plenty. I thought I’d share my favourite beauty faves for Autumn. Check out my latest video here:

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List of Beauty Faves Mentioned:
Makeup Academy – Glitter Ball Palette – http://www.muastore.co.uk/12-shade-glitterball-palette

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed Palette in Streak – http://www.urbandecay.com/naked-flushed-by-urban-decay/359.html

Topshop – Bronzer in Sand Castle (couldn’t find it on the Topshop website but they do have one in shade in Salute: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/beauty-3326659/face-1906567/bronzing-2094070/bronzer-in-salute-4415598?bi=0&ps=20)

3CE – Shimmer Glow Bloc (highlighter) – http://en.stylenanda.com/product/3-CONCEPT-EYES-SHIMMER-GLOW-BLOC/SFSELFAA0004396/

Maybelline – Clear Smooth All In One BB Cream in Fresh (01) – http://www.amazon.com/Maybelline-Clear-Smooth-Minerals-Thailand/dp/B0095F4WFK

This video is no way endorsed or sponsored by any of the brands above, purely just sharing my favourite items that I like to use in my makeup routine. Enjoy!

Escaping Awkward Social Situations – NEW Youtube Video

A different style of Youtube video for me to try. Oh yes, I had a very awkward social situation that happened to me on my travels during my last Bangkok visit. Have you experienced a social situation that was so awkward you wished there was an escape plan? Well learn from my story and how I got out of one that involved a stalker, unhelpful SEPHORA staff and my most serious face yet.

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Repeat Offender – Where to Stay in Bangkok/Outfit Post

After a year long absence from Thailand (where I used to live) I thought it was time to make an appearance. I’m currently going through the stage of asking myself the question: do I miss Thailand? It’s a hard question to answer and thought it would be easier to answer if I was in the actual country. I do miss it but I also don’t. It’s the same with here,  I like Hong Kong and there are things I don’t like about it, but maybe that’s another blog post altogether.

I went with my bf (who took all the pics of me below thank you hunny) to Bangkok for 4 days which turned out to be super short, I couldn’t meet up with all my old friends but was nice to be able to meet up with some.

Hollister Romper - MyFashionStage.com

Exploring the hotel that had lots of unique retro devices. Check out more of my looks on MyFashionStage.com

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo, a newly opened hotel this year that decorates it’s interior with retro nostalgia. I found it quirky and fun but was a little confused about the decor in the beginning.

Hotel Indigo Lobby

A little wander to wonder

Robot in Hotel Indigo lobby

Hello robot 🙂

Hotel Indigo lobby wearing Hollister Romper

Ready to explore my old haunts with my trusty (well kinda) backpack

Playing with the radio at Hotel Indigo Bangkok wearing Hollister Romper

Playing with the radio



Being a tourist in a city you’ve lived in before definitely feels weird. I mean what do you? What do you see? For me it was trip back into my old life with some new surprises. The city has definitely grown up a bit since I’ve been gone.



I admit it, I’m a repeat offender. I had worn this very same romper on a trip around HK with my friends the week before BUT that doesn’t mean I’ll wear it exactly the same. Instead of wearing it with a long grey hoody and converse I decided to match it with a plaid shirt and my fave sandals from Zalora. I also wore a backpack which I got from my Marks & Spencer’s makeover. The backpack is very handy for putting my camera, wallet, makeup and any other bits and bobs needed.

Since it was not super hot in Thailand that week, I was able to get away with a plaid shirt. This is super handy especially when you go from outdoor to indoor where the A/C is on full blast. Outdoor can simply roll up the sleeves and indoor roll ’em done or button up if it’s super cold.




Indigo Hotel - Bathtub Bangkok

The room came with a little company, a family of ducks 🙂

Bed Indigo Hotel - Bangkok

The most comfortable bed to snooze in, the pillows were like marshmallow


Menu - Bar - Indigo Hotel Bangkok

What’s on the menu

Som tam at Central Embassy

First day back in the city need that Som Tam! – Foodcourt at Central Embassy – Total meal set us back around 600 baht but everything was delicious and a lot of food!

Dean & Deluca Ploenchit Bangkok

No walk down Ploenchit is complete without a Dean & Deluca drink in hand

Hallway Indigo Hotel

Down the hallway at Indigo Hotel


Bubble Bath at Indigo Hotel Bangkok

End of a hard day running round town, a bath with these little guys. The bathtub was amazing and great for a bubble bath 🙂


All in all my stay at Hotel Indigo was great. There was a little confusion about the definition of what an Intercontinental Breakfast included. Somehow instead of including the intercontinental breakfast, one savoury dish of choice and one sweet dish of choice we ended up with two sweet dishes and one savoury. At checkout we explained to the staff that the menu wasn’t clear and ended up with not exactly what we ordered, they were nice enough to take the breakfast off our bill and improve their menu description.

Indigo Breakfast at Indigo Hotel Bangkok

Not so Intercontinental Breakfast but hey two pancakes!

Would I recommend it? Yes I would, it’s in a really convenient location and the staff were really helpful. I know a new hotel always has it’s hiccups in it’s first few months but really overall impressed.

Stayed tuned for my next post about what I saw and did in Bangkok. Again the trip was super short so I think I can cover it in one more post. Have you visited a town you use to live in? Have you been a tourist in your own city? Share with me what you feel is good about revisiting old place or the bad :).

Check out more of my outfit pics on MyFashionStage.com

Romper – Hollister

Plaid shirt – H&M – SOLD OUT similar here

Backpack  – Marks & Spencers

Shoes – EDGE – SOLD OUT – Zalora

New to Zalora.com.hk? Get  a 15% discount with my code: BAPQW7N



It’s all about the bass – Year of the Butt?

Let me start off by saying that I know this may not be what I usually blog about but I thought I’d give it a shot. That being said this post does relate to YouTube so it’s not exactly completely off topic. This is a semi-serious, post as I do touch upon some serious issues/outcomes as I felt there is a need to mention it. However, because this topic is kind of funny to talk about it’s hard not to find it funny (the non-harmful stuff I’m talking about). I do have a fascination with YouTube phenomenons and social behaviour so here goes my rant or random thought process in play.

This year is essentially about the butt. Music has depicted that woman especially in music videos need to have a healthy round butt (I’m laughing as I write this, don’t worry I know this is a strange topic but hold on). If you’re Nicky Minaj or Jennifer Lopez/Iggy, you’re telling girls, women and I guess men too that if you have a big derrière (let’s see how many synonyms I can come up with for butt) it’s something to be proud off and that it’s considered beautiful opposed to a small or flat bum (ok that’s 3 synonyms so far).

Women in the Media

I’m all for the healthy image of women, I really don’t think it matters if you’re lean, curvy, voluptuous or straight up bootylicious (thank you Beyoncé for that terminology) it’s about appreciation of what you’ve got. In different cultures beauty is viewed in different ways, so essentially everyone is considered beautiful in some part of the world right? However the media really likes to warp that view, they are there to sell stuff to you and through some sort of marketing research they come up with idea that this is what you want or want to be. Let me tell you that the media is wrong, they’re goal is to sell a product or service so if you find yourself not like the girl on TV that’s ok you don’t need to be.

Depicting Lyrics

Lets get down to the music. Artists such as the infamous, pink lipped, posterior proud (that’s 4) Nicky Minaj emulates not only through her music but her whole image of the big buns (that makes 5). “My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun” ok so maybe she doesn’t rap/sing this but it’s in her song that takes snippets of Sir Mix-a-lot’s “I like big butts”. I don’t have to sit here to tell you what an anaconda is a euphemism for (or do I? Just google it if you’re struggling) so this is about what the opposite sex is attracted to. People found this shocking, just watch Teens React to Nicky Minaj’s music video you’ll see they’re uncomfortable faces while watching it. However, they don’t take it seriously they laugh it off, in our day and age it’s shocking yet but for what 5 minutes? Then it’s the next thing that comes along to shock us.
Then you have more subtler side of music where “it’s all about the bass, about the bass no treble” where “bass” is reference to the big behind (that makes 6) where Meghan Trainor sings about how it’s ok to have a big arse (oh that’s 7, I don’t think I’ve got enough synonyms left who’s idea was it? Oh right mine…) and her mum says it better to have it on the larger side.

Popular Sayings

Even beloved Youtubers have made comments about this booty (that’s 8 right there) trend. Pewdiepie hilariously makes comments like “dat ass though” in many videos. But it’s used in a comical sense, so I really don’t think it has an impact.

You must check out Ryan’s Higa’s parody “Sweet Wholesome Girl” (SWG) which debates the idea of songs that go against hip hop tracks’ usual content of the bad girl who has a big backside (that’s 9).


Soon as I wrote that sub-title I started thinking about something else, but what I’m talking about is the exercise suppose to firm/enlarge those juicy doubles (thank you Sir Mix-a-lotthat’s 10). This Instagrammmer made huge waves of followers with hers by showing different poses/exercises that got her her now infamous bottom (that’s 11). Yes I’m guilty of trying these exercises but it’s not what you think! It does a lot for your body strengthening legs muscles so it’s not just about image (at least that’s what I tell myself :p).

Is it worth it?

To conclude this random rear-athon (that’s 12) I don’t think media has made this an unhealthy issue, unless women feel the need to start doing buttocks (that’s 13) injections which can be dangerous. There was one story of a woman in Thailand who went to a bit of dodgy doctor who injected her and she later met her demise due to a bad reaction. It was sad as she felt this was something she needed to make herself look beautiful but the tragic part is that this kind of treatment is expensive so often these girls will find “doctors” who can give a cheaper deal which is very unsafe. Filler and implants are a quick fix to those who are unsatisfied by what they have naturally. Girls just don’t do it, nothing lasts forever including what they’re putting into you. Only recently there was a story of a British woman who had implants in Thailand who suffered from a bad infection which she did not survive. Botched beauty regimes are not uncommon.

I do suffer from low self esteem at times especially when I compare myself to those in the media but it’s a normal thing to do. We always want what we don’t have but often overlook of what we do. My advice is to not to take the media too seriously as most of it is photoshopped and a warped view of the truth. I’m not preaching, lecturing or telling you what to do. If you think it’s going to make you happy then why not right? But just give it a second thought before you do anything drastic k?

Hope you enjoyed my random rant. What are your thoughts on this? Think I covered all the butt synonyms? Lol.

Zalora Review – Zalora Mini Haul

Ezra by Zalora Open Box

Ezra by Zalora Open Box

This is the first time I’ve ordered from the fashion giant Zalora. I use to order stuff from time to time in the UK but since living in Thailand I hadn’t shopped much online. I had heard about Zalora back when I was living in Bangkok. I’d browse their site on occasion but never saw anything that made me stand up and go “ah I gotta have it!” Most of the clothing made available on the Bangkok Zalora site was available in stores quite close to where I lived so didn’t really make much sense to order online. However, I did order a camera (which I used to take pics for this post – Pentax Q10) from their sister tech site Lazada


But back to the review! I had a lot of fun picking out items from their saleAlso, as I signed up for the newsletter I got a special $100 (HKD) discount on my first order (but only on the full priced items only not sale ones). After hours of browsing their site I picked 4 different items and decided to take the plunge, time to order me some goodies!


I’m splitting this review into different parts, you know the parts that count:

  1. Ordering – Ease of use
  2. Payment – Method
  3. Communication – Is key!
  4. Delivery – How many days?
  5. Packaging – It’s parcel time!
  6. Product – Quality
  7. Overall – Would I order again?


1. Ordering – Ease of use

How I actually ordered was using my iPad but not through the Zalora app, but through their website on my iPad. Here’s where I’m a bit miffed. I spent ages on their app choosing items and putting them in my wishlist…it’s was a freaking longggggggg list. But when I decided I wanted a proper look at the items on my good old laptop they weren’t there on the site when I logged in. Confused? Yeah me too! It seems that the app and website wishlist ARE NOT LINKED. You could understand my anger frustration after hours of carefully picking items in size (and colour!) and finding I had to go through it all again if I wanted to browse the website wishlist version. So, I did…it all again.

So this is why I purchased through the website not the app. The website was pretty straight forward you sign up for an account, you add the items in the size/colour you want and add to the basket. Once you’re done you simply fill out the shipping address and payment method. Sorted.


2. Payment – Method

One of the amazing things about Zalora is that they offer Cash on Delivery (COD). COD is amazing (yes I know it sounds like I’m talking about fish :P) not many websites offer this method of payment. In case you haven’t come across this term it simple means you can pay for your items when they turn up, just pay the delivery guy in cash. This is amazing if you don’t have say a bank account or credit card in the country you’re ordering from (like me) and don’t wish to pay using a card as currency conversion will cost you. It’s very simple and the first time I’ve used it. Delivery was FREE as I had ordered over $150 HKD.
Back to the top
3. Communication – Is key!

Once I had placed my order Zalora sent me an email confirming the order. The next day they sent me an email telling me my order had been packed and shipped and would reach me within 5-7 working days. Although I had ordered from the HK website, the order was actually coming from Singapore as I guess that’s where their warehouse is based. They do have an office here to handle returns/exchanges which is always good to know you can talk to someone direct in case there is a problem/mix up.
Back to the top
4. Delivery – How many days?

I had been tracking my order online using SF Express as Zalora provided me a tracking number. This makes it very easy to see where your order is. The last message I had seen before it arrived was that is was in HK but needed some more time to be delivered. So it was a surprise on Sunday morning when a delivery guy knocked on the door with my package (don’t you love it when that happens?). It came in about 5 days (3 working days not including weekend).
Back to the top
5. Packaging – It’s parcel time!

Receiving  a parcel is like Christmas for me, it’s doesn’t happen everyday and I’m so excited opening things that are wrapped (yes this does include sandwiches). Wow, the level of packing was extensive. Lots of wrapping paper, plastic bags, boxes, cardboard and protective material bags (for the shoes). One of the shoe boxes looked like it had taken a bashing but nothing was wrong with the shoes inside. I’d say they were well protected.

Package from Zalora

Package from Zalora

Packaging T-shirts

Packaging T-shirts

Zalora Boxes

Zalora Boxes

Back to the top
6. Product – Quality

To be honest the quality was to be expected, I had paid maybe on average $100 HKD per item and knew it wouldn’t be Mango or Zara quality but be more on the H&M or Forever21 versatility side of the spectrum. I had ordered 2 pairs of shoes and 2 t-shirts. The t-shirts were from the same brand CATWALK88 and the shoes were from two different brands, one owned by Zalora themselves EZRA and the other from EDGE.


First the shoes, I got into the shoes first so heres what they looked like:

Shoes from Zalora

Shoes from Zalora

I chose one pair of extremely high heel shoes in nude from EZRA, maybe 5 inches tall for shoots/catwalk work. The shoes are actually quite comfortable, the material is synthetic but I expect after wearing them a while it would hurt as they are very high. My only disappointment was that there was a mark on one of the heels already, but not extremely noticeable. But you get what you pay for which was $142.90 HKD:

Nude Heels from EZRA $142.90 HKD

Nude Heels from EZRA – $142.90


Nude Contrast Piping High Heels

Wearing Nude Heels from EZRA

Slight Damage on Nude Heel :(

Slight Damage on Nude Heel 😦


I also chose one pair of flats from EDGE called “Sienna Sandals” in a light pink with chain detail for just an everyday kinda shoe for $89.90. As far as I can tell they are quite comfortable and will look great with some outfits I’ve got planned. Quality is not the best but I think I will get a good run out of them. They are very cute!:

Pink Sienna Sandals - $89.90

Pink Sienna Sandals – $89.90

My feet wearing Sienna Sandals from EDGE

My feet wearing Sienna Sandals from EDGE

Up Close and Person with Sienna Sandals

Up Close and Person with Sienna Sandals


Next are the t-shirts from CATWALK88, I love t-shirts with words on them! So when I saw these I had to have them. The “C’est La Vie Mon Cheri” was discounted using the $100 HKD first order coupon code so was only $9! What a bargain.:

C'est Ma Vie T-Shirt by CATWALK88 $109 HKD

C’est La Vie T-Shirt by CATWALK88 $109 HKD ($9 after $100 discount!)

T-Shirt Tag CATWALK88

T-Shirt Tag CATWALK88


Lastly, the t-shirt “Chilled to the Bone” was $82.90. Both tees are made from 100% Cotton (or so it says on the label). But both t-shirts looked very creased when they turned up and smelled strongly of warehouse. I advise to wash before you wear these kind of shirts but on a delicate cycle. Both t-shirts are a size S which fit me fine as I’m quite small. Good thing is the shirts aren’t too short either which I was a little afraid of, let’s see how they handle the wash!:

Chilled to the Bone T-shirt by CATWALK88 $89.90

Chilled to the Bone T-shirt by CATWALK88 $89.90

T-Shirt Label CATWALK88

T-Shirt Label CATWALK88

Back to the top


7. Overall – Would I order again?

Thank You for Shopping with Zalora

Thank You for Shopping with Zalora

Yes, I say I would order again but maybe from some of the better known brands such as Dorothy Perkins or Steve Madden, of course higher price but higher quality, yup yup.

I also checked out one brand after I had ordered (and immediately wished I had ordered some stuff from them, ah C’est La Vie ;)) which was Something BorrowedSafe to say they’re on my wishlist.

I didn’t have any issues with wrong order or trying to exchange/refund so I don’t know how that is on that end but I do know they have a 30 day return period which can be done at the closest SF Express location, at the Wan Chai Zalora office (both free) or by arranging a pick up from a delivery service (this method is not free).


Have you order from Zalora? Is there a clothing website you love ordering from? Had a return/exchange nightmare? Tell me about it and warn the world!


All photos were taken by me using my Pentax Q10 and were edited by me in Photoshop. If you wish to use/share photos please keep the blog address in the photo, the images belong to me. This was NOT a sponsored post but just my wanting share some great shopping experience with you guys.

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Survival Guide – Model Shoots – Asia Edition

As a model it’s always great to be prepared whether it’s your first shoot or your hundredth. No matter whether you’re a professional model or simply giving it a go, it’s a great idea to have a checklist so you’re ready for your next shoot. Not in any particular order here are some items you should take with you:

Essentials – What to Bring to a Shoot

  • Bottle of Water – It’s important to stay hydrated no matter the weather. Most jobs will provide something to drink but always a good idea to bring your own just in case. Drink in moderation! Some outfits are hard to get out off, so showing your “I really need to pee” look is not ideal for the camera.
  • Nude Underwear – Even if you are not asked to wear this, do as it can be a lifesaver. If you are not sure what outfit you will be wearing it’s always a good idea to wear a nude coloured underwear and strapless bra. Black underwear can be seen under light coloured garments and white can be seen under see-through/mesh material.

    Nude Strapless Bra – Image: AllWomensTalk.com

  • Snacks – Shoots can run long, so if you’re someone who likes to snack it’s always good to bring snacks with you. Try something healthy and it will keep you going such as nuts or cereal bars. I always like to have something to snack on and find mixed nuts a good choice. Although there will be days where Pocky is a must 😀 but remember some things can get stuck in your teeth!

    Pocky is the Answer - Snacks

    Pocky is the Answer – Snacks – Image by me

  • Heels/Shoes – This is not always a necessity but if you’re someone who has larger feet than the average Asian person you might find shoes in this region in short supply so bring your own heels! Sometimes it’s unavoidable to have to squeeze your feet into a size too small but if you’re allowed you can wear your own heels that will mean a more comfortable time for you ☺. Also bring some flats to give your feet a rest while getting makeup/hair done.
  • Makeup Remover/Wipes – After a long day with numerous looks you might end up with the craziest look right at the end (neutral makeup comes first and crazy makeup is always left to last) so if you’re not someone who’s confident to do the model walk of shame (go home from the shoot in full makeup/hair) then take some wipes to remove the evidence. In my experience most makeup artists are ok with you borrowing their remover at the end of the shoot but carrying your own is better so you don’t feel guilty using up their supplies.

    Cucumber Wipes Boots – My Fave – Image: http://www.30somethingmel.co.uk/

  • White/Black Strap Top (singlet) – I always think it’s best to bring either a black or white strap top. It comes in handy especially when you don’t know what you’re going to be wearing on the day. Sometimes clothes may not fit the right way, or it needs something underneath to look more complete (depending on the design/designer). Or even just wearing it when you get hair/makeup done.
  • Wear a Top Easy to Change Out of – When you get hair and makeup done you may not be asked to put on the outfit first, so you’ll be in your own clothes. It’s important to wear a top that either buttons up or has a wide neck so it’s easy to remove after hair/makeup is done. It’s not fun trying to extract a slim neckline top over a very wide hair-do whilst trying not to get your makeup everywhere and end up looking like The Joker from Batman.

    The Joke – Image: villains.wikia.com

  • Fight the Boredom – Some shoots/commercial run long and there maybe some downtime in the middle of the shoot. You don’t want to be caught twiddling your thumbs and being bored stiff. Bring a book/homework/iPad/mp3 player or just your phone to keep you entertained when there is no one to talk to.
  • Eye Drops – Keep your eyes looking fresh by bringing along some eye drops. I wear contact lenses that always make my eyes dry really fast so eye drops keep me from blinking too much. After you shoot for a while, the lights can make your eyes a bit dry and tired so this is handy for a quick pick me up to have with you.

    Blink Intensive Tears Eye Drops – Image: http://www.feelgoodcontacts.com

  • A Good Attitude and You’re A-Game! – I know this isn’t something you can pack into a bag but equally important. Going in with a good attitude will definitely make a difference. If you stay positive you will have a great experience. It helps the job move faster/smoother. Acting like a diva is a misconception to model behaviour, it doesn’t get you anywhere especially in Asia. So bring your game, the client will be impressed meaning higher possibility of more jobs in future.

Optional/Situational Based:

  • Sun Lotion/Block – If you have a shoot outside it’s important to protect your skin. Shooting at the beach is an easy way to get sun burnt or even if your skin isn’t prone to going red in the sun it’s a good idea to protect it from the UVA/UVB rays. Apply before you get on location and reapply throughout the day. No one wants strange shaped tan lines especially with some more avant-garde outfits.
  • Swimsuit/Bikini – If you have a shoot at the beach or swimming pool you may want to bring your own bikini. If it’s not for a swimwear brand, you can always bring your own just in case the one provided isn’t the right fit or for another option. Your own bikini is one you feel comfortable wearing meaning you’ll feel more confident.
  • Scarf/Shawl – Shooting indoor does shield you from the elements but in many hot countries air-con is your indoor enemy. In studios with central air-cons the temperature cannot be adjusted in one single room meaning brrrrr! Take a light shawl/scarf to be on the safe-side, you never know when it might come in handy.
  • Travel Sized Pillow – I remember a few jobs where locations were an hour or two away meaning a long mini van journey. For your own comfort or a chance to catch a cheeky kip bring a small pillow for the journey.

Feel I’ve left something out? Got a handy tip for shoots? Let me know by leaving a comment ☺.

First Time – BIFW 2013

Waiting to go in for BIFW 2013

Waiting to go in for BIFW 2013

The outfit that I wore to the show was a peplum top, a studded bow wrist cuff, studded mid-waist belt and triangle pendant all from a recent Forever 21 haul…hey they had a sale ok :P. I wore this with a veil skirt and a new pair of metallic wedge heels from Siam which I had to buy because the shoes I originally wore were killing me, toe by toe. I was wondering why I hadn’t worn them and then was painfully reminded how incredibly uncomfortable they were.

Bangkok International Fashion Week 2013

I had opportunity to watch the opening of Bangkok International Fashion Week last week on Thursday 7th November at Siam Paragon Parc. The infamous fashion show, shows the best of the best, showcasing some of the most creative designers. I got to watch the show for Manish Arora, a designer from India. His trademark being the use of the colours pink and gold. His stunning collection was inspired by the influence of strong women in Asia. The concept for this BIFW 2013 for Arora’s collection was “Future is Asia”.

As this was the first time I’ve attended the BIFW I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been to a few fashion shows and modelled in a few but this was the first time I got to see a BIFW show. I was quite excited and was lucky to get a ticket from work.

Ticket for Manish Aroro Show

The show opened with a short film about the BIFW casting process, a behind the scenes, I know only too well what the castings are like. Long waits and numerous amount of girls. A film was then played about the story behind the inspiration of Arora’s latest collection. The short film told the story of the first widows in India to break the taboo of taking part of Holi in India. Widows are seen as unlucky by their families and are usually cast out from the family. Holi is the Indian festival of colours, where participants throw coloured powder over each other, welcoming the arrival of Spring. Out of tradition widows in India were not permitted to take part in the festival of Holi but this year, women stood against the norm and took part. Their self-empowerment and ability to stand up for themselves drew inspiration for Arora’s collection.

Glow in the Dark Manish Aroro

Glow in the Dark – Manish Aroro

Taking the colourful approach, a use of coloured lighting and glow in the dark/reflective material. The show truly captured the idea of strong women throughout. The models strutted out on the catwalk as if they were goddesses, full of power and energy. Dressed in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

I have seen a trend of kaleidoscope patterns on the runway but Arora put his own spin with some beautiful patterns and bright bright colours.

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

Was a lot of fun but was over so fast. I would say the actual show lasted 20 minutes. Although it was only one collection it was very quick. The main focus wasn’t theatrics but the designs, which I think stood pretty firm. One model did however have some shoe malfunction and fall on the runway, it’s was horrible to watch yet you can’t look away. Fortunately I have never experienced this except for a small fashion show in Pattaya where I fell down getting onto the stage, luckily I was camouflaged by the stage display. Apart from this minor hitch the show was beautiful.

(Photos taken by me using my new Pentax Q10 with zoom lens, first time using it in low lighting and trying to shoot fast moving subjects. Apologies for lack of focus, still working out the kinks.)

Tweeting about Thailand – Rihanna and other celebs

Don’t get me wrong, from the get go I love Thailand. I have lived in Thailand for almost 6 years now, I am half Thai and I think it’s safe to say it’s my home (England will always be my home too but it has to sort out it’s weather problem first ;). However there are somethings that do make me think whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Recently the infamous Rihanna has Tweeted about the more seedy side of Thailand. It makes you wonder what kind of holiday Rihanna was on after touring for her concert but then again, this is Thailand *sigh*. Thailand known for it’s great food, beautiful beaches and awesome weather also has a darker side that it’s famous for, the sex industry. Those who go to these kind of shows are only endorsing it. I know curiosity is key when tourists stumble drunken into these parts but if there were no customers, there would be no shows. Or is this a chicken and the egg theory all over again?

I think it’s sad that this is what the world hears about Thailand. Why do places like this still exist? If it wasn’t for corruption Thailand would be beautiful. It just seems silly that the Thai people are upset about the fact she’s drawing attention to it when it’s in plain sight for everyone to see. If Thailand doesn’t want negative press, then shut these places down, make Thailand known for it’s positive attributes. But turning a blind eye and pretending it doesn’t exist is ridiculous.

There is also press about Rihanna posing with a wild primate which is illegally owned, used as a tourist attraction. See the article below:

It was also Lady Gaga’s comment about counterfeit watches which sparked outrage from Thai people, they were upset with her. Again I have to ask why sell it if you don’t want people to know about it?

Everyone here is guilty of purchasing the fake over the real, whether it be Ray-Bans (guilty), Gucci bags or Prada, Bangkok is full of these impostors. I have admittedly in the past purchased sunglasses that are fake, and watches too but nowadays being surrounded by counterfeits it just loses it’s appeal. I’ve never been a huge brand lover, I prefer my highstreet fashion over brand names. But I could understand those who would opt over the real thing as it’s dead cheap here.

Why couldn’t they had a nice Instagram pic of Lady Gaga learning Muay Thai (Thai boxing)? Or trying the spiciest Som Tam? Wouldn’t you have rather seen Rihanna chugging down glasses of water after a mean Som Tam 25 chili papaya salad than seen Tweets about her seedy experience in Bangkok? I have no hope for Justin Bieber’s social media updates.

Image Source: Mr and Mrs Vegan – Spiciest Som Tam Siam Center – One of my favourite Som Tam spots.

Image Source: High Heel Gourmet – Authentic Thai Spicy Green Papaya Salad – Learn how to make your own spicy Som Tam

If this has sparked change in Bangkok then great! Will things change? Probably not. Thailand’s wholesome image is far from reality, when it plans to make a real appearance is unknown.