Autumn Beauty Faves – YouTube Video

It’s that time of year where the leaves change colour, the temperature starts to cool down and pumpkin spiced lattes are a plenty. I thought I’d share my favourite beauty faves for Autumn. Check out my latest video here:

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List of Beauty Faves Mentioned:
Makeup Academy – Glitter Ball Palette –

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed Palette in Streak –

Topshop – Bronzer in Sand Castle (couldn’t find it on the Topshop website but they do have one in shade in Salute:

3CE – Shimmer Glow Bloc (highlighter) –

Maybelline – Clear Smooth All In One BB Cream in Fresh (01) –

This video is no way endorsed or sponsored by any of the brands above, purely just sharing my favourite items that I like to use in my makeup routine. Enjoy!


A Few of My Favourite Things – March Faves

I really meant to write this sooner but you know how it goes, distractions galore. But I’m back on track with a fresh post. My favourite items for March (oops almost over!) include birthday gifts, Banila “Clean it” makeup remover and Sleek Matte lippy. Ok so it’s a bit of an overlap from Feb/March but of these things were received in March so best to call it just that.


Birthday Presents – Received in March so still counts!

My amazing best friend in the UK sent me some goodies for my birthday. She was asking me questions such as “what is your favourite animal?” and “what kind of pet would you want to have?” At the time out of the blue but now it all makes sense…sneaky. I now have some moustache nail decals, which I will try soon.

Elephant Torch Keychain

Elephant Torch Keychain

When I first pressed the button on the top I jumped because not only did it light up but it let out a LOUD elephant noise.

Elephant Print Tissues

Elephant Print Tissues

You gotta have some elephant print tissues, I mean plain tissues are just boring. Plus NO ONE will ever mistake my tissues for their own. Then again, these are just too cute to use.

Matte Me - Sleek - Shade "Petal"

Matte Me – Sleek – Shade “Petal”

I picked up a Sleek matte lippy on my last UK trip and haven’t had a chance to wear it. But with some time to experiment I gave it a go.

Matte Me - Sleek (with camera flash)

Matte Me – Sleek (with camera flash)

Problem with matte lipsticks is that they are terribly drying unlike glossy colours. My recommendation is scrubbing your lips and prepping them by using lip balm beforehand and letting it absorb before applying matte anything.

Sleek Matte Lips face



Matte Me - Sleek Lip Colour (natural light)

Matte Me – Sleek Lip Colour (natural light)


Rimmel Pop Art - Currently wearing on my nails

Rimmel Pop Art – Currently wearing on my nails

Another of my faves is the Pop Art nail polish by Rimmel. I’ve been wearing this pretty non-stop as it’s easy to apply and looks great even on clear nails.

Nail Polish Rimmel - Pop Art and Glitter Bomb

Nail Polish Rimmel – Pop Art and Glitter Bomb


Birthday gift from my sister, neon orange is going to look great for this spring. Check out my outfit posts with the necklace here:


Clean It Zero by Banila

Clean It Zero by Banila

I received a tester while in Macau for Banila Clean It Zero. I had no idea what this product was when I saw it in Sasa and Bonjour. But after trying it I’m sold. It’s a kind of gel like consistency that you apply directly to your makeup-ed up face by massaging in. It’s a very weird feeling as you smudge it into your makeup but it really gets everything off. I suggest cotton pads/buds for eye makeup. It’s great alternative to oily makeup removers. I also use their primer finish powder which is awesome too.


Hope you enjoyed my March faves. What are you favourite March products/buys? Comment below x.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Behind the Scenes Sassy Shoot

I think I earned a seat at the Mean Girl’s table as I was wearing pink on Wednesday.

I enjoyed a super pink Wednesday with Sassy Hong Kong. Easily the most pink day in my LIFE. It was a lot of fun working with such an amazing team: photographer Sabrina Sikora, makeup artist Smudge Makeup Artistry and hair stylist Ross Kwan.

I felt truly decked out in the brightest pinks possible. I loved trying outfits from Jack Wills, What the Frock and also Melissa Bui.

Dress by What the Frock

Hair by Ross Kwan – Makeup by Smudge Makeup Artistry – Photo credit: What the Frock


Pink Shoot - Jack Wills

Me with the beautiful Katya.

Getting my makeup retouched by Smudge Make-up Artistry

Getting my makeup retouched/Photo by Smudge Makeup Artistry

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Sabrina Sikora

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Sabrina Sikora – Photo Credit – Smudge Makeup Artistry

Behind the Scenes - Sassy Shoot

With the paparazzi, just kiddin’ – Photo credit – Sabrina Sikora 

All in Pink Jack Wills

Ross Kwan doing my hair, big curls! Outfit: Jack Wills Shirt


First Wifes Studio Hong Kong

First Wife Studios – Can I live here please?

Gold Brogues and Pink Jeans

Brogues on my feet, Brogues on my feet

Outfits of the Day Jack Wills Melissa Bui What the Frock

A wide selection of pink garments

It was a supppppeeerrrr fun day with a lot of pink girliness going on. It was amazing to work with such a lovely team. For more behind the scenes pics you can check out my Instagram

Enjoy your day! x

All Hail Queen Clay Patra! – Clay Patra and Sassa Tini Nail Polish Review

I thought it was about time I’d try a clay mask. My usual mask routine is to use a hydration mask, anything from My Beauty Diary (Taiwan make) or Tony Moly. But I know clay masks have some great benefits such as drawing out impurities in the skin.

I discovered Clay Patra by Banila Co., the packaging is amazing and the pun is amazing. Only downside is that all the info is in Korean so I had Google how to use it:

Directions: Apply a moderate amount all over the face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Claypatra Package

Gorgeous Packing of Claypatra by Banila Co. $98 from Bonjour

I don’t actually know much about Banila Co. except it’s a Korean brand. I saw a few products pop up in Bonjour and Sasa. I picked up a Mineral Salt Clay Pack. Took this baby home and gave it a try, the smell is amazing! The texture feels a little like a cross between a facial scrub and a lotion, kind of a weird mix.


Finger swatch of clay mixture - Smells amazing!

Finger swatch of clay mixture – Smells amazing!


So I dove in and applied the mixture to my face, here’s how it looks (scary I know!):


Me face deep in Claypatra mask - feels surprisingly soothing and nice

Me face deep in Clay Patra mask – Feels surprisingly soothing and nice


As the mixture dries it does feel like my face is tightening slightly but that’s normal. Afterwards my face felt refreshed and smooth. I would definitely recommend this just for the smell! But it was a natural kind of smell not overly chemical and worked fine with my sensitive face.

It claims to “protects skin against dryness and offers moisture and nutrition at the same time for smoother and softer skin


Next up was a quick purchase of the Sasatinnie Mini Nail Polish in Rose:

Rose Sasa Nail Polish

Sasatinnie Mini Nail Polish in Rose by Sasa $10

I wouldn’t call this colour Rose, it’s more of coral if you ask me but with a more orange hint. It’s a very bright colour close to almost neon. I picked this up for around $10 from Sasa. It is truly mini, I would say you’d get a few goes with this before it finishes. I had to apply two coats to get full coverage. Been wearing for 2 days and seeing some chipping. I would suggest a clear nail polish over the top. A bargain for the price though!

Have you tried either products? What’s your favourite clay mask? Leave a comment! x


All photos taken by me, if you would like to use kindly keep the blog address and link back to thank you!


Exploring Beauty Products in HK – Beauty Haul Hong Kong Style!

Bit of change since my last post, I moved to HONG KONG! An exciting new start. While waiting for my new job to start I had the chance to arrange some model shoots and explore the beauty stores that HK has to offer. Is HK a new contender for beauty haul shopping? On my travels around town I have come across a variety of different beauty stores and here are to name a few:


Quite similar to the likes of Bonjour, Sasa has everything to offer from fake lashes to trial size versions of top brands such as Shiseido and Biotherm. A sea of amazing beauty products from all over the world. I had more of a shopping spree in Sasa than I did Bonjour, not sure why, maybe it was the shop layout? Sasa the one I went to in Causeaway Bay had two large floors. I was after some makeup brushes and eyeliner but of course came out with more than that. It’s very easy to get carried away. In total I spent maybe $150 Hong Kong dollars, which wasn’t bad as I was debating between spending $100 alone on makeup brushes, which I later regretted as the brush I bought were really cheaply made. Always invest in high quality brushes!

Sasa Hong Kong

The very pink and girlie realm of Sasa

Below you can see my (bad investment) brushes, eye masks, under-eye jelly eye mask for under eye bags (only $5!), Cyber Colors eye liner (Around $80) and Neutrogena pink grapefruit facial scrub (bought from Bonjour for $15).


Beauty Haul from Sasa and Bonjour Around $150 HKD

Would totally recommend eye masks from the Taiwanese company BeautyDiary which you can actually buy in any beauty store in Hong Kong not just Sasa. I have bought them again recently in Mannings. I discovered this brand while in Taipei early this year and bought 2 large boxes of their facial masks and just finishing them up. But the ones I discovered in HK are super cool because they are specially for the eye area and make you look like a super hero! (See pic below).

Look like super hero AND treat your eyes - Beauty Diary Eye Mask

Look like super hero AND treat your eyes – Beauty Diary Eye Mask


Wasn’t completely impressed with Bonjour although quite similar to Sasa. Maybe it was the store layout? The one I visited in Causeaway Bay was tiny and had people elbowing me to squeeze past. I only bought my usual Neutrogena pink grapefruit facial scrub. The staff there were quite helpful but were trying to talk me out of buying a tea tree facial wash. I didn’t purchase it but felt I knew my skin better than they did.


I have a Mannings right opposite where I live which makes things very convenient in case I need something urgently. However, I find it quite expensive. This is the place where I would most likely buy my shampoo and hair products. However, the one close by me has a very small selection and often works out more expensive. My more preferred Mannings it a couple of roads away closer to the MTR. Do I sound picky? Well the store is larger and found a few products such as facial marks and face washes I needed. I say shop around different branches as some carry more ranges than others. If you’ve got little time in HK you could easily miss out this store as it’s nothing special. However, if you stumble apon a Mannings Plus and you love Boots products then you’ve struck gold! Boots is missing from HK and I am really missing it. Mannings Plus has small collection of products from the Boots own brand range which I quite like. I always buy makeup removal wipes in cucumber from Boots as I find they do the best job of removing my makeup without leaving this weird oiliness other brands have (ew).



I’m not always a fan of Watsons especially when I was in Thailand I always shopped at Boots, but that might be my UK bias talking there 😉 Watson does however come up with the goods when Boots doesn’t, it was my fall back store. However, in HK there are no Boots, surprised? I know I am as I think Boots does such an awesome job as a health, wellness, beauty and anything else store. I use to do my christmas shopping there as they always had a good deal. Watsons is similar to Superdrug in the UK (actually owned by the same company) but I would say it’s a good place for cheaper products but not high quality in some cases. Watsons got a bad rep from me but HK might prove differently, more exploring to do.


This store is rather new to me, I’ve never been in a Colourmix until recently when running round Taikoo trying to find a nail buffer/file. Aha! Found one! After my happy moment after experiencing weird looks in Mannings Plus when I asked about nail clippers or nail files, they had none of that which left me a bit dumbfounded. Mannings Plus? Plus what? But Colourmix was right up my alley, a playground of exciting products from Japan, Korea and US. I picked myself up a nail buffer by The FACE SHOP a Korean brand which also has some good face masks and clear nail polish was a bit disapointing. But yet again always invest in the more expensive brand, the clear nail polish after I applied two coats, dried in 60 seconds (as promised by the label) but began to peel off! I have to explore Colourmix store again to give it a better chance.

If you’re on a tight schedule in HK for your next trip my picks are Sasa and Colourmix as it’s something different from what you’d find in the US or Europe. If you have time, check out Bonjour as well as they carry some products other stores don’t.

Been in Hong Kong? Think theres a beauty store I should really visit? Let me know!

Meet Me at the Coral – Catrice Review

Recently I bought this beautiful Coral type colour nail polish from Catrice. I bought it at the Japanese store in Ekamai Gataway – Tsuruha located at Gateway Ekamai on the 1st floor (same floor as the BTS). Lots of great Japanese beauty products. Also some Korean and Thai brand products available.

Meet Me at the Coral by Catrice

Meet Me at the Coral by Catrice

This is probably my first favourite pink/red/orange colour in a long time. Gone are the days when hot pink were at the top of my list of favourite nail polishes. Catrice have this beautiful colour which is called Coral but I would say it was more Watermelon/pink. Either way love it! My only slight disappointment with this nail polish is that I would say you need an undercoat, at least a clear polish undercoat so that it goes on smoothly. I had a bit of trouble getting a smooth finish out of this one. Check out Catrice for their full range.

Bangkok Haul 2

It’s been while since I posted a haul…or anything for that matter but I’m back and here’s what’s found it’s way into my shopping basket. Last time it was new outfits, this time I’ve gone skincare crazy and purchased an interesting accessorie which I have been obsessed with since seeing the first mid-ring on fashion sites.

Ok let’s get to it:

Bangkok Haul thinkitdreamit

Shopping haul in Bangkok

I recently discover the wonders of Tsuhura, a Japanese beauty store in Gateway Shopping Mall in Ekamai (Bangkok). Located right next to Ekamai BTS, and located on the same floor the BTS, it’s hard to miss. I never knew I’d be so into shopping in a Japanese store. It has a lot of amazing things which I’m not completely sure what they do but sure they make you look stunning…maybe. Well my beauty haul included two different beauty masks, two eye masks and eye pads. Last item was actually from the supermarket at Central Chidlom, Rosy Lips Vaseline balm.

Tsuhura image source

Tsuruha located at Gateway Ekamai on the 1st floor (same floor as the BTS). Lots of great Japanese beauty products. Also some Korean and Thai brand products available.

I also bought a ring from Diva for about 300 Baht (6 pounds bit pricey now I think about it in UK pounds) from Terminal 21 in Asoke, they had a pop up shop sale. I loved it so much I had to have it. Probably wasn’t thinking about the actual value of it. It’s more of an instant reaction, if I really like it, I will buy it and then think later….wait a minute was that worth it? It’s not the most comfortable ring but I still quite like it.

As for the skin care, I’ve tried the Skin Lite Rejuvenating eye pads before but with cucumber. I quite like them, my eyes feel less heavy after using them. I would recommend these. They are actually available in most Boots and I think Watsons but this time I purchased them here.

Skinlite Orange Pads

Skinlite Orange Pads

The two facial masks, neither being Japanese I found so so, really no amazing effect after using this. I’ve had better lol. Try ones from Boots, even the Boots own brand is quite good and inexpensive. Maybe Dr. Trouble wasn’t for me at this point as I had no trouble to begin with, my skin was unusually ok.

Green Tea Mask Korean

Green Tea Mask Korean

Dr Trouble Ampoule Mask Sheet Tea Tree Korea

Dr Trouble Ampoule Mask Sheet Tea Tree Korea

The eye masks which actually go under your eyes for bags and wrinkles were also pretty normal, I have no wrinkle but suffer from bags. I actually tried a different, weird jelly, Q10 one with gold sparkles in it last night…that was very interesting and probably better than these, I’ll try get a photo of those up. Each mask was rough 100 Baht or more. I find myself buying a lot of these as I find I always get bags no matter how much sleep I get. Must be the way I sleep…on my face :P.

Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch Japanese

Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch Japanese

Lastly I tried after AGES of trying to find this EVERYWHERE, rosey tinted lip balm. I often get to try different lip balm when I do modeling jobs because each makeup artist has their own favourite. The one I was thinking of buying cost almost 500 Baht (10 pounds) so when I saw this version by Vaseline, I opted for this one as I remember it not costing near as much (around 100 – 200 Baht). And to be honest…it was disappointing. I think Vaseline and I just don’t get along. I have really dry lips and this doesn’t last long. It absorbs and then disappears into the atmosphere or something because I feel no different than before I applied. Reapplying and reapplying get’s really annoying. My advice here is buying the more expensive one as I remember other brand pulling this off a lot better.

Rosy Lips Vaseline

Rosy Lips Vaseline

So there you have it, my skin care haul. The places I usually shop for skin care is Boots, Watsons and the supermarket in Chidlom. I tend to shop in each as each carries different faves that I can’t find in just one store. New stuff is always popping up such as the brand Catrice which I am quite loving.