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About Me
Blogger, writer, professional procrastinator, wants to do EVERYTHING and often has trouble settling on one idea when so many ideas are amazing. Ex-half-expat Bangkok and newly made Hong Kong expat. Online marketer and freelance model. Interested in fashion, internet phenomenons (how on earth did Gandam Style, Harlem shake and others become such hits over night?) and music. Got a cool band to recommend? Love an outfit? Tell me about it, share the love and drop a comment 🙂

About the Blog
Think it. Dream it. stems from the idea that sometimes its not enough just to think about it but to dream about it is the goal. I wanted a name that showed passion, thoughtfulness and drive. Creating a blog is space, a piece of you that shows what’s going on in that head of yours. Sharing thought space and dream space.

About the Technical
Fairly new to the digital side of things I now use a Canon 100D with two lens, the kit lens (15mm-50mm) and a prime lens EF-S 50mm (for all those wonderful bokeh shots ;)).

Still use my phone Samsung S4 for when I’m caught without a camera. Also use to use a lot a Pentax Q10 which gets the job done but it’s no DSLR.

I usually post-edit all photos with Photoshop CS6.


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