Visiting Tokyo Skytree, Harajuku and a Sushi Train! – Youtube Vlog

So here’s the last part of the Tokyo Travel VLOG. I got to say this was the first time I’ve tried making a long travel vlog. Of course there were a few other videos but most were quite short compared to this Tokyo trip. This video is a bit longer than Part 1 and Part 2,  Part 3 covers quite a few different things:

Day 5:
-Hunting for Sumo food – Chanko-Nabe, unfortunately it wasn’t sumo wrestling season so we couldn’t watch them practice but didn’t mean we couldn’t eat like sumos.
– Then went to the Sumo museum and the Edo museum to learn more about Japanese culture.
– Tokyo Skytree to take in the beautiful view.

Day 6:
-A unique way to have ramen – Ichiran Ramen Restaurant in Shinjuku
– Meji Jingu Shrine
– Shopping and crepes at Harajuku
– Dinner in Shibuya

Day 7:
-Lunch at Shibuya at Genki Sushi – sushi train!
– Dessert from Isetan department store
– Last chance for Neko Atsume

Day 8:
– Leaving Tokyo
– Leaving for Korea

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