Hello Kuala Lumpur! – Travel/Outfit Post

This will be my last trip for a while. I went to Kuala Lumpur last week for the first time. Not my first trip to Malaysia though. The trip was for a friend’s wedding so not much time to see and do a lot. 

I stayed right opposite the Petronas Twin Towers so the view was pretty good from my hotel room.

Buffet breakfast was included so what a great incentive to get up early so not to miss the food! I would say the food was so so but my favourites were the pancake station and yoghurt.

I stayed at the Traders hotel which had the most comfortable bed which I got the most amazing sleep.

Since it wasn’t super hot in KL I found most of the time I would wear a shirt over outfits which is super handy for the blasting aircon. I love how you can wear it multiple ways.

Wearing the shirt over a basic Zara dress and a few accessories I found this outfit comfortable and stylish. Great for traveling as if I got too hot I could wear the shirt around my waist instead.

I noticed in this area a lot of women wore head scarfs and long layers. I wondered if I should dress in a similar fashion but friends assured me that KL is quite multi-cultural city  and how I dressed wasn’t an issue.

I spent a lot of time in Suria KLCC mall as it was very close to the hotel, just below the Twin Towers. Didn’t do much shopping but finally got myself an original beauty blender from Sephora.

On the last night of my KL trip we ended up at Jalan Alor street food market. It’s full of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. I was hoping there’d be more Malaysian dishes to try but unfortunately there wasn’t. There is however fruit and durian especially if you can get past its pungent smell.

Had a try of sea snails but found them a bit tough. Not the best I’ve had.

Luckily on the last day we had brunch at a Malaysian restaurant. Finally got to try some coconut flavoured rice with fried chicken and sweet chilli prawns yum! 

I did however accidently order beef which was on the side. A lot of dishes in Malaysia contain beef or chicken, not common to find pork dishes as a lot of people living in Malaysia do not eat pork due to religion. It was a not a huge problem a for me but if you also don’t eat beef expect to see a lot of it on the menu in KL.

I hope to return to Malaysia again and have a chance to try more local food and explore a bit more but due to lots of wedding activities my time was short.

Hope you enjoyed this short travel post!

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