Holograms & High-rises – Song Kran and Outfit Post

It’s been a busy month of travel including Phuket, Bangkok and my last trip will be to Kuala Lumpur at the end of this month which I’ve never been to before.

I visited Bangkok for a week during the hottest time of the year and the celebration of “Song Kran” (สงกรานต์) – Thai New Year took place.

So here’s a little bit about Song Kran in case you’re not familiar with this festival. It marks the start of the Thai New Year and this year is 2559 (yes that’s right Thailand is on a whole different year as it goes by the Buddhist calendar). It last for 3 days from 13th – 15th April. What happens during that time? Many will go to temples to make offerings to the monks. But also a water festival begins. Traditionally Song Kran meant trickling water on the elderly and family members as a sign of respect and to wash away the sins of the year past. But now it is more internationally known as a water fight. The modern way Song Kran is celebrated is with water gun, ice water and sometimes putting power on people’s faces. This year luckily in the areas where I celebrated no powder to be seen, thank goodness because that stuff gets in your eyes and it’s horrible.


I headed to Central World and Siam with some friends to battle it out. But stopping on the way for some street food snacks and a rest before battling on. I’ve always enjoyed Song Kran but probably only the first day. After a day of being soaked and drenched in water the novelty kind of wears off. But not to worry, most people are quite respectful when it comes to splashing water. If you’re not carrying a gun or look like you’re fully dressed (e.g. not wearing flip flops, shorts and t-shirt and carrying some form of water weapon). most will not try to engage you into a one-sided soak-fest. Another way to avoid the water fight is to travel via BTS (skytrain ) or taxi and avoid the main splash zones (Siam, Silom, Khao Sarn etc.). Spend your time shopping, eating or watching a movie.

I hoped to make a VLOG about Song Kran in Bangkok for my Youtube channel, but to honest it was a little hard to capture video from my phone while it was in a waterproof pouch (sold during Song Kran season pretty much everywhere). I wasn’t sure how waterproof it was (I couldn’t quite believe the “100% waterproof” printed on the packaging), so used my old Samsung S4 to capture video. What I did capture was all very shaky as I was trying to avoid the water guns while filming.


I spent the rest of the time in Bangkok eating all my favourite foods, Som Tam (spicy salad), boat noodles, moo-bing (fatty pork on a stick), sticky rice, roti (fried sweet pancake/crepe) and drinking Thai ice tea.

I wore this outfit for shopping in Bangkok, a striped pencil skirt by Zara, a cropped halter top and pair of new shoes by Tracy & Belle which I discovered at Central Chidlom. I loved the hologram sheen of the strap which I felt went well with my TOPLOOK Sunglasses which I picked up in Artbox while I was in Seoul (15,000 won – around 100 HKD or £10).




I’m a city girl at heart and love the busy life of Bangkok. One day I may return to this city, but for now I will be happy to make a few visits a year just to catch up with friends and devour lots of tasty food.

Holograms and High-rises Look

Holograms and High-rises – Check out more of my outfit pics on MyFashionStage.com

Skirt – ZARA (similar here & here)

Hologram shoes – Tracy & Belle (same shoes but in silver here)

Sunglasses – TOPLOOK – Artbox


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