Green means Go – Outfit Post

Green is definitely not my go to colour. In fact it’s my least favourite colour after maybe brown or yellow. Why has green got into my bad books? Well simply due to what a friend told me once about it being on the opposite side of the colour wheel to red, it makes me feel that any redness in my skin tone will stand out more. I have no idea if that is true but somehow green has not been on my shopping list for quite sometime.

So it may come quite a surprise to you that this outfit post is pretty much all green, shocker.

I decide to give green another go. This dress from H&M grabbed my attention, loved the pattern and the cut so thought I’d try it on. I found a plaid shirt which has been missing from my wardrobe, it was unintentional but I tried them together and it seemed to work.

Another way to wear it is by dressing it down with a plaid shirt:


You can wear a shirt off the shoulder or tied around your waist to dress down an outfit.


Green Means Go – Check out more of my outfit pics on

Sleeveless Dress – H&M (similar)

Shirt – H&M (similar)

Bracelet – Ted Baker

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins


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