Spring In My Step – Outfit Post

I’m so happy that Spring is finally here. It took some searching for something more Spring related but I did find it wandering around Kennedy Town this weekend. It took a train, walking, an elevator, an escalator and some steps to find some amazing trees with blossoming flowers signalling the change into Spring, yippee! Can you tell I’m extremely excited?

Although the temperature hasn’t exactly risen much the sun is starting to peek through very carefully. So I’m wearing a top which I got on my travels in Taiwan, a pair of black jeans and a wool hair because wow it’s windy in Hong Kong (fashionable and functional).

The top really suits me as I fell in love with the slogan”Let’s talk over coffee”. I’m a coffee addict which fits me very well. If I’m asked out for a drink with friends I’m more excited to go for a coffee or even a tea than to a bar/pub. Caffeine is what fuels me.

Spring 01


Spring 02


Spring 03


Buildings in Kennedy Town



Spring 04


Spring 05

Flower in Trees


Spring 06



Spring 07


Trees in Kennedy



Spring 08



Spring 09

Photos taken by: Charles H. – Thank you my lovely bf for being so patient taking these photos šŸ˜€

Top Ā –Ā Queen Shop

Necklace –Ā Last True Angel

Jeans – H&M

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Wooly Hat – Accessorize

Spring is Here Outfit on MyFashionStage.com

Spring is Here Outfit on MyFashionStage.com – Click to see more outfit posts


I now also have a Flickr account so feel free to check out my pics on there, I’m trying to learn a bit more about photography and share some of my adventures here in HK.

10 thoughts on “Spring In My Step – Outfit Post

  1. White Leaf says:

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