Challenge Accepted! – Sport Luxe Outfit

So I was approached with an interesting challenge the other day. It was such an interesting challenge I had to give it a try. In true Barney Stinson form “challenge accepted!”

The challenge was to create a look using one of these NFL jerseys. I watched the NFL halftime with Katy Perry this year and was really amazed. Have you watched it? If you haven’t go check it out here.

But back to the challenge. I chose a Dallas Cowboy jersey and here’s what I came up with:


Sports Luxe Outfit

Zara black jacket
775 HKD –

Forever Unique red pants
415 HKD –

NIKE activewear
735 HKD –

Giuseppe Zanotti black sneaker
4,365 HKD –

Alexis Bittar necklace
2,520 HKD –

Missguided black hat
74 HKD –


A jersey is an awesome way to mix up your style, incorporating it into your outfit for day to day wear. You can get all your jersey and sports needs at which can definitely help you with your game style, they have a lot of choice to choose from including hats!

I’ve haven’t tried putting together a sports luxe outfit before, the closest would be my red wooly hat with snake print sweater. The more I thought about it the harder it became, overthinking. But then I realised it’s easy, match it with a pair faux leather trousers, a biker jacket would look truly awesome! I love wedge sneakers and feel this would be a great way to add a sporty look but with a bit of heel without it being too obvious. To brighten it up I’d pick a neon coloured necklace to add that touch of colour.

This was a super fun challenge as it’s something I haven’t tried before but definitely thinking how to get this outfit in my wardrobe.

How would you create sports luxe outfit? Send me a link if you’re got one on your blog or show me on Polyvore.

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