Behind the Scenes with Angus Tsui

I don’t post that often about my model work (not that often right?) but if I think it’s worth mentioning I will write on occasion. I am always excited and inspired by local talent in Hong Kong. For a place where finance is the key the ingredient, creativity is something that often gets overlooked (well that’s my feeling anyway). But working in the fashion industry, working for a fashion community website and as a freelance model I get chances to see the hidden gems of Hong Kong fashion industry.

Here’s a prime example, last week I worked for Angus Tsui SS15 preview where his collection was launched at Cocktail in Causeway Bay. You could see that he’s gained some great coverage from winning the Eco Chic Design Award alumni prize.

His pieces use up-cycling, a way to reuse surplus materials in a new way. I like eco-design, giving new life to material seen as a waste product. If more brands used this idea I think we’d have a lot less waste. There are some amazing textures created by combining these materials.

Here’s a few designs I wore at the shop last week. I loved the interesting designs, truly inspirations. You can check out more of Angus Tsui’s designs here: and don’t forget to wish him good luck in London as that is his next stop 🙂


Angus Tsui 02


Angus Tsui 04




Angus Tsui 03

Images by On.CC –




Angus Tsui 01

Images by –



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