A Secret Part of Macau…Not on the tour

When you think of Macau, what comes to mind is casinos, Portuguese buildings and egg-tarts…well at least is does for me. You would never think of derelict factory buildings or sea sinking abandoned buildings, it’s not something that they put on any tour that’s for sure.

factory small macau

So imagine my surprise when reaching Macau to be told about Coloane. I’ve been to Macau a few times, through different Avenidas of the Portuguese influenced areas and casinos…lots of casinos. OK so maybe Coloane isn’t secret but not exactly the first thing on the tourist route. It’s the quieter side with more residential areas.

street macau

Macau has all of the it’s streets and roads with the Cantonese name and the Portuguese name. Unlike Hong Kong where nearly every street or road has a Cantonese name and an English name. Trust me, in Macau don’t expect the taxi drivers to know the Portuguese names, they will look just as confused as you try to explain in English.


So lucky on this round trip I was picked up by the L.A.C.Y. gang and got to chat with owner Milk and photographer (and sister) Sio Ng.


Here’s me in one of the many outfits that day, I loved the mix of textures, greys and blacks contrasting with my bright red lips.
outfit 01 lacy macauThis is the designer and one of the owner of L.A.C.Y Boutique Milk, the tall person standing next to her is me.

Me and Milk LACY Designer

Devil red lipstick to go with these daring outfits 🙂

makeup for the day copy

I don’t quite remember how many outfits that we shot that day but I definitely remember the background, an abandoned factory building. I loved the urban industrialised feeling, cannot wait to see how it turns out.


Here’s just a sneak peek from the camera view of one of the first outfits and locations, a woodshed:

sneak peek lacy

It was a super chilly day but worth the trip. I really look forward to the photos and enjoyed my unusual day trip to Macau.

2 thoughts on “A Secret Part of Macau…Not on the tour

  1. Ri says:

    What a great location! I had no idea this existedーof course, I’ve never been to Macau, but I’ve only heard the stories of casinos, casinos and ore casinos! This is more my kind of place to explore. 🙂
    Loving the outfits! Like you said, so many different textures and really interesting combinations. I’m quite envious! ^^

    • nattynonsense says:

      Thanks Ri! I’ve visited Macau a few times and had the same impression. The tourist attraction puller are the casinos so I was happy to see another side of Macau. If you have a chance take a visit. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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