Hunting? All Black Outfit – Outfit Post

I feel this collar gives an almost tribal feel, like I’ve gone hunting and this is my prize (don’t worry I don’t hunt…except for coffee). This is the second collar by Q.E.F another one of my favourites. A green patterned collar with green tipped feathers.

You may notice this an all black outfit. I know I usually add something colourful but I couldn’t help but keep it all black as the collar adds some great detail to this long dress.

Green Feathers 02

Green Feathers 04

Green Feathers 03

Green Feathers 05

Don’t forget to check out my post to learn how to wear this kind of outfit.

What do you think of this all black outfit? Let me know what you like wearing with all black.

Styling by me
Collar: Q.E.F
Hat: H&M

Photography by Lsquareproduction

Location: Aldrich Bay Park, Hong Kong


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