One Shirt Dress – 6 outfits – Doing the impossible?

Hello lovely internetters!

I’ve been a busy bee putting together some interviews, videos and outfits/lookbooks. This is a mixture of my freelance work as well as personal.

I was given the challenge of doing my own look book for The challenge was to put together 6 outfits. I like a challenge but I love putting my own twist on things. So instead of the easy challenge of making 6 different outfits I made things I a lot more difficult by using the same shirt dress for all 6 looks, I know why do it to myself? Well I’m really happy how it worked out!

I was lucky enough to have my very own ALEX BLACK COLLECTION shirt dress. What is a shirt dress you ask? Well it’s a shirt that is long as a dress but this one is completely fitted and has a fabulous shape.

I live in a place which space can be an issue, HK apartments are very small compared to BKK or other parts of the world so saving space is a necessity.


The looks I created were:

One Shirt Dress Six Outfits


1. Winter 

Winter Look – All you need is some contrast, try a red lip and a green scarf which gives an almost Christmassy feel

I really love this outfit, it’s comfortable and great for winter. You can really add layers as it get’s colder, transitioning from Autumn to the Winter months. I like to add some colour to grey/black outfits as it really makes it stand out. The boots are super comfortable too.
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2. Casual

Casual Look – Leggings and Converse are all you need

I like to mix patterns with solid colours. Converse are comfortable to wear and add some colour.
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3. Autumn/Fall

Autumn/Fall Look – Brighten up an outfit with pastel colours

Wearing pastel colours with all black outfits are a great way to lighten up the whole look. Try a woven belt to add shape to the shirt dress as well as some brown/neutral colours.
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4. Business

Business Look – Studded Clutch Bags are great to add some texture

Who said business outfits have to be all suits and boring? I liven up with all black ensemble with nude coloured heels and a pop of green with a Burberry watch. Shirt dresses can be used to look smart while not being constrictive.
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5. Boho Chic

Boho Chic – Tassel bags and a wide brim hat is a great way to dress us this shirt dress

I’m wearing my beloved EDGE chain sandals from Zalora (check out my review here for ordering online). I have been wearing these sandals pretty much non-stop. They have some great chain detail and have a pretty a light pink colour. Wearing a light red/pink lip is great for Autumn and an alternative to the darker lip colours as it has a softer look.
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6. Punk

Punk Look

Why? Well why the hell not? I thought it was kind of unusual to use a shirt dress in this kind of style. I hadn’t seen it in my Pinterest searches so thought I would be this in the mix. I think it’s completely fun and edgy. I had to go all the way to Mongkok (Argyle Centre) to find some light pink hair extensions as I knew this would look awesome with this look.
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Let me know which is your favourite or what other styles would look great with a shirt dress 🙂

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