All Hail Queen Clay Patra! – Clay Patra and Sassa Tini Nail Polish Review

I thought it was about time I’d try a clay mask. My usual mask routine is to use a hydration mask, anything from My Beauty Diary (Taiwan make) or Tony Moly. But I know clay masks have some great benefits such as drawing out impurities in the skin.

I discovered Clay Patra by Banila Co., the packaging is amazing and the pun is amazing. Only downside is that all the info is in Korean so I had Google how to use it:

Directions: Apply a moderate amount all over the face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Claypatra Package

Gorgeous Packing of Claypatra by Banila Co. $98 from Bonjour

I don’t actually know much about Banila Co. except it’s a Korean brand. I saw a few products pop up in Bonjour and Sasa. I picked up a Mineral Salt Clay Pack. Took this baby home and gave it a try, the smell is amazing! The texture feels a little like a cross between a facial scrub and a lotion, kind of a weird mix.


Finger swatch of clay mixture - Smells amazing!

Finger swatch of clay mixture – Smells amazing!


So I dove in and applied the mixture to my face, here’s how it looks (scary I know!):


Me face deep in Claypatra mask - feels surprisingly soothing and nice

Me face deep in Clay Patra mask – Feels surprisingly soothing and nice


As the mixture dries it does feel like my face is tightening slightly but that’s normal. Afterwards my face felt refreshed and smooth. I would definitely recommend this just for the smell! But it was a natural kind of smell not overly chemical and worked fine with my sensitive face.

It claims to “protects skin against dryness and offers moisture and nutrition at the same time for smoother and softer skin


Next up was a quick purchase of the Sasatinnie Mini Nail Polish in Rose:

Rose Sasa Nail Polish

Sasatinnie Mini Nail Polish in Rose by Sasa $10

I wouldn’t call this colour Rose, it’s more of coral if you ask me but with a more orange hint. It’s a very bright colour close to almost neon. I picked this up for around $10 from Sasa. It is truly mini, I would say you’d get a few goes with this before it finishes. I had to apply two coats to get full coverage. Been wearing for 2 days and seeing some chipping. I would suggest a clear nail polish over the top. A bargain for the price though!

Have you tried either products? What’s your favourite clay mask? Leave a comment! x


All photos taken by me, if you would like to use kindly keep the blog address and link back to thank you!


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