The Do’s and Don’ts of Following Fashion Trends

Don’t: Never adopt a trend that is ill-fitting for your body:

I’m talking about if you’re a naturally curvy girl, you’ll probably be perfect for the next hip-hugging bandage dress that eventuates your best parts including your cleavage. However, if you’re anything like me, I wouldn’t dream of slipping on such a dress. It would be completely unflattering to my slender physique. I can imagine any signs of cleavage (if there were any to begin with!) disappearing under the constraints and no curves to make it look more favourable. I know that although it’s sooooo tempting to buy what’s “in”, you will regret it later. Just think about how it’s going to eventually sit at the back of your closet along with that Halloween outfit, as an evil reminder that you’ll never wear it again.


A quick excerpt from my article “The Do’s and Don’ts of Following Fashion Trends” on

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