First Time – BIFW 2013

Waiting to go in for BIFW 2013

Waiting to go in for BIFW 2013

The outfit that I wore to the show was a peplum top, a studded bow wrist cuff, studded mid-waist belt and triangle pendant all from a recent Forever 21 haul…hey they had a sale ok :P. I wore this with a veil skirt and a new pair of metallic wedge heels from Siam which I had to buy because the shoes I originally wore were killing me, toe by toe. I was wondering why I hadn’t worn them and then was painfully reminded how incredibly uncomfortable they were.

Bangkok International Fashion Week 2013

I had opportunity to watch the opening of Bangkok International Fashion Week last week on Thursday 7th November at Siam Paragon Parc. The infamous fashion show, shows the best of the best, showcasing some of the most creative designers. I got to watch the show for Manish Arora, a designer from India. His trademark being the use of the colours pink and gold. His stunning collection was inspired by the influence of strong women in Asia. The concept for this BIFW 2013 for Arora’s collection was “Future is Asia”.

As this was the first time I’ve attended the BIFW I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been to a few fashion shows and modelled in a few but this was the first time I got to see a BIFW show. I was quite excited and was lucky to get a ticket from work.

Ticket for Manish Aroro Show

The show opened with a short film about the BIFW casting process, a behind the scenes, I know only too well what the castings are like. Long waits and numerous amount of girls. A film was then played about the story behind the inspiration of Arora’s latest collection. The short film told the story of the first widows in India to break the taboo of taking part of Holi in India. Widows are seen as unlucky by their families and are usually cast out from the family. Holi is the Indian festival of colours, where participants throw coloured powder over each other, welcoming the arrival of Spring. Out of tradition widows in India were not permitted to take part in the festival of Holi but this year, women stood against the norm and took part. Their self-empowerment and ability to stand up for themselves drew inspiration for Arora’s collection.

Glow in the Dark Manish Aroro

Glow in the Dark – Manish Aroro

Taking the colourful approach, a use of coloured lighting and glow in the dark/reflective material. The show truly captured the idea of strong women throughout. The models strutted out on the catwalk as if they were goddesses, full of power and energy. Dressed in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

I have seen a trend of kaleidoscope patterns on the runway but Arora put his own spin with some beautiful patterns and bright bright colours.

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

Finale at Manish Aroro Show BIFW 2013

Was a lot of fun but was over so fast. I would say the actual show lasted 20 minutes. Although it was only one collection it was very quick. The main focus wasn’t theatrics but the designs, which I think stood pretty firm. One model did however have some shoe malfunction and fall on the runway, it’s was horrible to watch yet you can’t look away. Fortunately I have never experienced this except for a small fashion show in Pattaya where I fell down getting onto the stage, luckily I was camouflaged by the stage display. Apart from this minor hitch the show was beautiful.

(Photos taken by me using my new Pentax Q10 with zoom lens, first time using it in low lighting and trying to shoot fast moving subjects. Apologies for lack of focus, still working out the kinks.)

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