Grey Day – Rainy Day – Thrift Shopping

So I woke up for work (late…just a bit) and noticed the rainy rainy day outside my window…joy. But that wasn’t going to stop me rocking my new vintage faux leather skirt that I had purchased from a Facebooker who was selling their clothes in the group. Although I’m not one to buy stuff off Facebook because I have trust issues (who doesn’t?) the girl seemed legit and I went to meet her at Siam Paragon to collect two skirts and one dress. Both skirts were 150 Baht each and the dress was 300 Baht, all second hand but in awesome condition. I do love a bit of thrift shopping and it was awesome we were the same size :D.

Grey Day by

My grey day look. Hype me on

After thrift shopping doesn’t it make you want to listen to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore? 😀 TUNE. I’m a soul believer of giving clothes a second chance, maybe it’s something my Mum installed in me since a young age, we would never simply throw away clothes but donate them. It’s funny when you’re younger you don’t really appreciate hand me downs, yet I find now some of the best items can come from a bit of thrift shopping. I guess Macklemore is on to something and he says it best.


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