Tweeting about Thailand – Rihanna and other celebs

Don’t get me wrong, from the get go I love Thailand. I have lived in Thailand for almost 6 years now, I am half Thai and I think it’s safe to say it’s my home (England will always be my home too but it has to sort out it’s weather problem first ;). However there are somethings that do make me think whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Recently the infamous Rihanna has Tweeted about the more seedy side of Thailand. It makes you wonder what kind of holiday Rihanna was on after touring for her concert but then again, this is Thailand *sigh*. Thailand known for it’s great food, beautiful beaches and awesome weather also has a darker side that it’s famous for, the sex industry. Those who go to these kind of shows are only endorsing it. I know curiosity is key when tourists stumble drunken into these parts but if there were no customers, there would be no shows. Or is this a chicken and the egg theory all over again?

I think it’s sad that this is what the world hears about Thailand. Why do places like this still exist? If it wasn’t for corruption Thailand would be beautiful. It just seems silly that the Thai people are upset about the fact she’s drawing attention to it when it’s in plain sight for everyone to see. If Thailand doesn’t want negative press, then shut these places down, make Thailand known for it’s positive attributes. But turning a blind eye and pretending it doesn’t exist is ridiculous.

There is also press about Rihanna posing with a wild primate which is illegally owned, used as a tourist attraction. See the article below:

It was also Lady Gaga’s comment about counterfeit watches which sparked outrage from Thai people, they were upset with her. Again I have to ask why sell it if you don’t want people to know about it?

Everyone here is guilty of purchasing the fake over the real, whether it be Ray-Bans (guilty), Gucci bags or Prada, Bangkok is full of these impostors. I have admittedly in the past purchased sunglasses that are fake, and watches too but nowadays being surrounded by counterfeits it just loses it’s appeal. I’ve never been a huge brand lover, I prefer my highstreet fashion over brand names. But I could understand those who would opt over the real thing as it’s dead cheap here.

Why couldn’t they had a nice Instagram pic of Lady Gaga learning Muay Thai (Thai boxing)? Or trying the spiciest Som Tam? Wouldn’t you have rather seen Rihanna chugging down glasses of water after a mean Som Tam 25 chili papaya salad than seen Tweets about her seedy experience in Bangkok? I have no hope for Justin Bieber’s social media updates.

Image Source: Mr and Mrs Vegan – Spiciest Som Tam Siam Center – One of my favourite Som Tam spots.

Image Source: High Heel Gourmet – Authentic Thai Spicy Green Papaya Salad – Learn how to make your own spicy Som Tam

If this has sparked change in Bangkok then great! Will things change? Probably not. Thailand’s wholesome image is far from reality, when it plans to make a real appearance is unknown.

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