Viral Videos and Internet Weirdness

I’m really interested in the way viral videos go viral. I think it’s quite an interesting human characteristic to feel the need to pass on a weird videos to friends or family. Social media lets you do this in the blink of an eye. One of the weird wonders that I came across this week is none other than Ylvis – “The Fox”. This band from Norway has the unique ability to transform lyrics of what I can only assume is quite similar to a nursery rhyme to a viral romping club hit. If you haven’t seen/heard it yet, I warn you the song is catchy and the video is just plain odd! However, I will not be surprised if I hear this in a club soon. Check it out:

Have any weird video wonders? Feel free to comment and share the viral goodness.

3 thoughts on “Viral Videos and Internet Weirdness

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