Bangkok Haul 2

It’s been while since I posted a haul…or anything for that matter but I’m back and here’s what’s found it’s way into my shopping basket. Last time it was new outfits, this time I’ve gone skincare crazy and purchased an interesting accessorie which I have been obsessed with since seeing the first mid-ring on fashion sites.

Ok let’s get to it:

Bangkok Haul thinkitdreamit

Shopping haul in Bangkok

I recently discover the wonders of Tsuhura, a Japanese beauty store in Gateway Shopping Mall in Ekamai (Bangkok). Located right next to Ekamai BTS, and located on the same floor the BTS, it’s hard to miss. I never knew I’d be so into shopping in a Japanese store. It has a lot of amazing things which I’m not completely sure what they do but sure they make you look stunning…maybe. Well my beauty haul included two different beauty masks, two eye masks and eye pads. Last item was actually from the supermarket at Central Chidlom, Rosy Lips Vaseline balm.

Tsuhura image source

Tsuruha located at Gateway Ekamai on the 1st floor (same floor as the BTS). Lots of great Japanese beauty products. Also some Korean and Thai brand products available.

I also bought a ring from Diva for about 300 Baht (6 pounds bit pricey now I think about it in UK pounds) from Terminal 21 in Asoke, they had a pop up shop sale. I loved it so much I had to have it. Probably wasn’t thinking about the actual value of it. It’s more of an instant reaction, if I really like it, I will buy it and then think later….wait a minute was that worth it? It’s not the most comfortable ring but I still quite like it.

As for the skin care, I’ve tried the Skin Lite Rejuvenating eye pads before but with cucumber. I quite like them, my eyes feel less heavy after using them. I would recommend these. They are actually available in most Boots and I think Watsons but this time I purchased them here.

Skinlite Orange Pads

Skinlite Orange Pads

The two facial masks, neither being Japanese I found so so, really no amazing effect after using this. I’ve had better lol. Try ones from Boots, even the Boots own brand is quite good and inexpensive. Maybe Dr. Trouble wasn’t for me at this point as I had no trouble to begin with, my skin was unusually ok.

Green Tea Mask Korean

Green Tea Mask Korean

Dr Trouble Ampoule Mask Sheet Tea Tree Korea

Dr Trouble Ampoule Mask Sheet Tea Tree Korea

The eye masks which actually go under your eyes for bags and wrinkles were also pretty normal, I have no wrinkle but suffer from bags. I actually tried a different, weird jelly, Q10 one with gold sparkles in it last night…that was very interesting and probably better than these, I’ll try get a photo of those up. Each mask was rough 100 Baht or more. I find myself buying a lot of these as I find I always get bags no matter how much sleep I get. Must be the way I sleep…on my face :P.

Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch Japanese

Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch Japanese

Lastly I tried after AGES of trying to find this EVERYWHERE, rosey tinted lip balm. I often get to try different lip balm when I do modeling jobs because each makeup artist has their own favourite. The one I was thinking of buying cost almost 500 Baht (10 pounds) so when I saw this version by Vaseline, I opted for this one as I remember it not costing near as much (around 100 – 200 Baht). And to be honest…it was disappointing. I think Vaseline and I just don’t get along. I have really dry lips and this doesn’t last long. It absorbs and then disappears into the atmosphere or something because I feel no different than before I applied. Reapplying and reapplying get’s really annoying. My advice here is buying the more expensive one as I remember other brand pulling this off a lot better.

Rosy Lips Vaseline

Rosy Lips Vaseline

So there you have it, my skin care haul. The places I usually shop for skin care is Boots, Watsons and the supermarket in Chidlom. I tend to shop in each as each carries different faves that I can’t find in just one store. New stuff is always popping up such as the brand Catrice which I am quite loving.

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