Beaded Collar Necklace H&M

The Statement Collar

One of the trends I love right now is the gorgeous statement collar look. Whether it’s an actual material collar necklace or one that is made in a shape of a collar I love it. I recently bought in a sale at H&M a beaded statement collar:

Beaded Collar Necklace H&M

Beaded Collar Necklace H&M

I love wearing this with low, round neck clothes or even crew neck to make it look like what I’m wearing has a collar. But it has an illusion and makes you question “is that a real collar? No wait, it’s a necklace”. There has to be a crossover name between a necklace and collar…a neckllar or collace…hmm I’ll work on that.

Here are some favourites I’ve seen out and about:

Studded Collar

Studded Collar from

Material Metal Tip Collar

Material Metal Tip Collar

The great thing about Bangkok is that you can find cheaper versions around in the markets around Siam, On Nut or even at shopping centers such as Terminal 21. Terminal 21 has many unique shops with equally matching unique names for e.g. Tom, Dick and Harry. 🙂

Got some favourite necklace/collars to share? Write a comment 🙂

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