Fashion in a Flash – Raffles Fashion Show Graduation in Bangkok 2013

I was extremely happy to be invited to be a part of the Raffle Graduation fashion show June 2013. It didn’t even feel like work, it was a lot of fun. The students are full of energy and have such creative ideas. I’m all for creative ideas and design, so I didn’t really have to think for long when I was asked to join.

It all took place at TCDC’s exhibition space last weekend. I’ve been to see a couple of exhibitions before, I hadn’t recognised the place with the stage and all the chairs. I hadn’t realised how big this event was actually going to be and got nervous soon as I saw the size of the room.

There was a bit of waiting around at the beginning but once we got started it was busy busy. Firstly, we had rehearse the walk. With some last minutes changes, a bit of confusion, it was hair and makeup time. The makeup artists were really professional and it didn’t feel like they were slapping makeup with a trowel which is often how it feels like with some makeup artists. The hair was amazing too but did take a while to do. Chalachol Academy did our hair which was in a bow, so cute.

By the time everything was done we had begun to run late. I was getting so nervous since it had been a while since I did such a big show but was excited too. The moment before you go on is the most nerve racking part. Thoughts go through your head such as “what if I trip?” “What if I trip and reck the dress?” “What if I trip, ruin the dress, my shoe flies off and hits someone in the audience rendering them unconscious?” ok maybe the last one is a bit of an exaggeration but it could happen…right?

Fortunately nothing really went wrong except I was a bit worried about the shoes as they were too big. A quick, last minute stuffing of tissue and double sided tape and it was time to go on. Luckily I didn’t look like a duck walking and managed to keep both shoes on without causing an accident.

There was a great energy behind stage which not everyone gets to see. Amongst the scrabbling to change outfits and quick, minor alterations (including realising the outfit is actually on backwards…it happened). People joke around, dance and have fun.

Hope it’s not too long until I get to do a show like this again 🙂 Check out my photos from the show and my seriously serious face below:

Raffles Graduation Show Bangkok 2013

Raffles Graduation Show 2013 First Oufit

Raffles Graduation Show 2013 Second Outfit

Raffles Fashion Show Graduation 2013 Third Outfit

Raffles Fashion Show Graduation 2013 Third Outfit Jumpsuit

Hair by Chalachol - Raffles Fashion Show Graduation 2013 Bow Hairstyle

Makeup - Raffles Fashion Show Graduation Bangkok 2013

Until next time 🙂

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