British and proud of it/posting by iPad mini

I recently decided to purchase an iPad mini. The reason behind this is that I was looking for something that would be good for showing my portfolio, reading, browsing online and to keep me entertained when I’m traveling to work, waiting during castings, when I’m on jobs or when my flat mate monopolises my laptop (if my flat mate is reading this, luv you hun).

So what better way to post about it than to post using it.

iPad Mini review

Using the free app Vintique , I was able to edit my photo (taken by my iPhone) of my iPad mini. It was annoyingly easy. Usually I photoshop on my computer for my blog, takes all the effort and hardwork out of it. However, it’s very basic editing but good when you’re on the go.

Blogging on WordPress app for iPad

This is what the iPad WordPress app looks like. It took a bit of getting use to but it’s not bad. Finding the HTML coding instant preview pretty handy. But typing in general is a bit tedious on touch screen.

Union Jack iPad Case

I think I’ve started a small collection of Union Jack items, (you may have seen my other post about the Union Jack bag I bought). This was actually a present from my boyfriend who knows I was after an iPad case and love the UK flag. The inside lining is pink! How girlie.

WARNING GOING OFF TOPIC: I do think of myself as British even though I’m living in Thailand and proud of my heritage. I grew up in England and still feel connected with it. I don’t feel this is a way to tell people “hey I’m British” but I’m just proud that this is where I am from (well if not half of me). I do also think we have the coolest flag, a great design which is incorporated into many fashion designer’s collections.

Union Jack in fashion

In conclusion blogging purely by iPad is a bit of a hassle if you’re going to post photos and require some editing beforehand. If you’re just going to type then it’s no problem but lengthy posts are a bit tedious when using touch screen. Uploading photos is pretty easy. However, I think I’m a lot faster using a computer. Using the apps is always fun and can help with fast editing of photos (non-advanced stuff).

Hey you people out there! Tell me, do you ever use a smart phone or smart device to post on your blog/website? If so, what do you use and how do you feel about it? Share any tips or tricks when it comes to blogging on the go.

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