Gotta have it – Union Jack Clutch oooo

union jack clutch

Union jack clutch bag

I went past this shop on the BTS Chidlom station on the way to Central Chidlom a few times and kept seeing this bag. Now, usually I’m not prone to impulse buys and in this case it wasn’t any different. I saw the bag a few times on my trips there and finally thought, ok I gotta have it. It cost me around 500 Baht which isn’t that bad but maybe if it was sold somewhere else other than Chidlom it would have been cheaper. However, I’m completely in love with it and happy I bought it. Welcome to family Union Jack clutch. I actually wore it to my friend’s wedding last Saturday (see pic above for what I wore it with). Had a few compliments which was nice, and my co-workers at work quite liked it too.

Was really happy for my friend also, their wedding party was amazing and beautiful and was so much fun to see my friends all together. Just wonder when the next reunion will be, who’s next? 😉

Also wanted to share some music that I’ve been listening to lately, just a quick playlist I’ve made on YouTube:

Happy Friday everyone!

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