Time to browse YouTube…what the heck did I just watch?!??!

Today’s post is going to be slightly controversial. So a warning, if you’re easily offended by what you see on the internet for example, viral videos, cute fluffy animals that you just can’t look away from or videos of a implied sexual nature (it’s not as bad as it sounds, I’m not going to be talking about porn, sorry to disappoint :P) then click away NOW!…Still here? Ok let’s begin.

Justin who?

One thing I find really interesting about YouTube, Facebook and any social networking sites in general, is how news travels super fast. When I mean fast I mean speedy Gonzales fast. Over night a new YouTube sensation can have a million hits. Remember the days before Justin Bieber? Neither do I! How did that happen? How did he become so popular over night? Truely teenagers of America and worldwide I salute you, you really went to town on this one. At the beginning his fame was not induced by the popular outlets of tv or radio but the power medium of the internet.

Your friends are to blame

Viral videos are somewhat a fascination for me, it’s not just that they are interesting to watch but they are so interesting people will actually take the time to share the video with their friends, family and strangers on the internet. How many times have you had people say you “hey you have to watch this” or “I can’t believe they put this on the internet you got to watch this” ? By that simple, short endorsement, that friend has helped to grow the views of that video and potentially made it go viral.

Going Viral

Sounds nasty doesn’t it? Going viral sounds like some sort of illness that you rather not catch or come in contact with. No wait, that’s exactly what it is! What else spreads from person to person? Going viral is a term often used for videos on the internet that have gained super popularity within a short period of time. They become so popular that they even get mentioned on the news or the person in that video becomes a celebrity and has interviews. So how does this happen? The formula is a little unknown at this point, it has to be something shocking yet entertaining. Whether you’re a singer with an amazing voice or have a dog that can bark the alphabet, your popularity relies on the viewers out there.

Social Culture Shock

One of the most weirdest and shocking videos to date has to be the one that was shot in Taiwan with the help of a curious passenger on the metro. For those who haven’t seen this video yet I’ll leave a link here but it’s up to your own conscience and decision making whether you watch it. I came across this video from a co-worker who told me they had discovered it on Facebook. Oh good ol’ Facebook chiming in with the viral video trend, I think it is a definite influencer in this whole idea how viral the video gets. I have not passed on this video through my own FB but I am sharing it now so I guess I am also culprit in spreading this one. Anyways, the video shows a couple on the train, a boy and a girl. Now this is where is get’s weird, the girl is lying in the lap of the guy with a coat covering her head and the guy is “reading” a book. There are certain motions in the video that suggests the girl is fact…how do I put this politely…servicing the guy under the coat.

Now, you may think that this is happening on some midnight train, when no one is around and some innocent bystander just was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time has witnessed this and decided to share it with the rest of the world…WRONG. This train is full! There are elderly people on the train, my gosh they could have had a heart attack from this sight. The weird thing is that no one says anything. If this were to happen in say England, US or Australia for example, someone would have stopped them or reported them. They got arrested in the end but what is the psychology behind this? Why on a train?

Check out a hilarious parody of what really happened on that train here:

He’s such a gentleman?

Oh yes, it is the return of PSY. You heard his song “Gangnam Style” a million times, well he is back with a new one hit wonder “Gentleman” which honestly gets stuck in your head just as fast as his last song did. It’s reached a whopping 351,717,127 hits. You will be hearing this song for the next few months. It’s a mixuture of a catchy song and a dance move which really makes this one far reaching. Half the fun of a viral video is trying to copy/get the dance moves down or even making a parody. Bring on the parodies:

I’m a Canadian:

So what’s next? After all this, what is coming next? Well that’s the beauty of it. Whether it’s a teen pop sensation, a Korean song you can’t get out of your head for weeks or a weird video that you just can’t watching out of curiosity and horror, what’s next is a mystery. I have a love YouTube because sometimes it’s just pure randomness, which makes it amazing.

Also, you might like to check out The Fine Bro’s, they feature videos such as YouTubers react where they get your favourite youtube stars to watch viral videos and you can watch their reactions. There is also Teens React and Kids React which is just as funny.

Here is one which actually made think WTF but couldn’t stop watching, I warn you this video is a bit twisted:

People I ❤ on YouTube

I subscribe to a few channels and if you aren’t already following these guys then you should, here’s a few to get you started:

Jenna Marbles – Her love of dogs, incessant swearing and complete random behaviour will have you hooked. She does parodies, rants about things that piss her off and just hilarious to watch.

Nigahiga – One of the most famous YouTubers who always makes me laugh. His videos are really fast paced and really funny.

JacksGap – All about a guy on his gap year, did I mention he has a twin? Blogging weekly, quality videos which you will not regret watching. Time well spent.

Princess Joules – Makeup artist, fashion and life of a transgender female who adapts to her new female form. She’s gorgeous and interesting to watch.

Swoozie – Basically been in love with this guy since day one. Guy gamer, advice on love, girls, waiting until marriage Christian, artist animation and stories  about hot girls. What more could you want? Highly entertaining and not bad to look at.

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