Mini Haul!…Shopping makes me happy, no I don’t have a problem..maybe.

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So I wouldn’t call it going overboard but I couldn’t resist – Outfit post time!

One of the best things about living in the City of Angels (Bangkok…it is Bangkok right?) is that everything feels 24/7 and accessible. I can walk back from my nearest train station, the sky train and find a number of different things on my short journey homebound. If I’m hungry there are street vendors with some delicious Thai food, noodles are the best! If I’m thirsty I can always stop for a nice shake or at my local 7/11 which is the ultimate convenience. There is even a mini-supermarket which is pretty impressive and has all your necessities including some none vitals such as door knobs or tools. I guess this could be a good thing and a bad thing because, if I am in the mood to shop, buy some shoes or clothes there is that too and open after work. The other day I was walking on my way back, my usual route and some great outfits caught my eye. So this leads to my post of my mini haul:

Dresses from H&M and no-brand shorts

Stealllllll, 2 dresses (300 Baht each – H&M) and a colourful pair of shorts (170 Baht – no brand). Total cost 770 Baht.

For those of you who understand this sudden need for pretty things, you’ll completely understand that this could have been a lot more than just 3 items. This could have been 3 pairs of shoes and 6 outfits…and some jewelry. But it wasn’t! Which means I have some sort of control 😛 There is this a little shop that sells an eccletic range of clothing, first-hand, second-hand and what I can only presume has fallen off the back of a truck. I picked out two dresses and funnily enough both of them were from H&M. I am a HUGE fan of H&M and use to shop there quite often when I lived in England. So when I heard H&M was opening in Thailand I got extremely excited. They now have a couple of branches here and one just open in Terminal 21 (shopping center), in the Asoke area. However, I’ve been greatly disappointed with what they offer. It’s a very narrowed down version of the regular stores that you find in Europe or Hong Kong. To be honest I think they are playing it safe, the stuff they offer is not that amazing but you can find a couple of gems if you look hard enough. So that leads back to my purchases, these two dresses were simple but cute. The navy stripy dress, I guess you can call it nautical almost. I wore it yesterday for work, and quite loved it. My only gripe is it’s very see through! I had to wear shorts underneath, but still love it despite that major problem:

H&M Striped Navy Blue Dress

Checking out a location after work, sporting the navy striped nautical look. Worn with my favourite silver and gold shoes and a silver heart padlock necklace.

The red dress I’m actually wearing today but haven’t got a pic of that one yet. It’s pretty nice, great for hot weather. I love the lace detail on the shoulders, but it’s best to go strapless with this one. Both dresses I bargained for and got for 300 Baht each (£6 or £7/$10 USD) which is pretty good considering normally it might be around 550 Baht each (£10/$18 or $19 USD) and they were brand new! Finally, probably my most favourite pick from all of these is the shorts! Oh they are freakin’ cute. They only cost 170 Baht (£4/$6 USD) I’ve never really owned anything that floral since…well since I was a child I think where I had no choice in the matter and mum could dress me in very cute cardigans and florally things and no you’re not going to get to see that on here :P. So let’s take a look at what they actually look like when worn:

Floral shorts

No brand pair of shorts, floral pattern, high waisted.

I apologise for the photos here, I know they aren’t that clear but armed with no photographer, limited lighting and my trusty iPhone with a cool little app called TimerCam which is available at the app store for freeeeeeeeeee, yes I love free apps. If you have any apps you’d recommend which are of course free, drop me a comment. It’s the first time I’ve done an outfit post as I said, so it was interesting setting the timer and then running like hell to the right position to take the photo. There were many failed attempts including the phone falling over, completely missing the right spot to stand and just plain bad lighting. But after some configuring I got a few snaps to show. I actually wore this outfit to a casting. For those of you unfamiliar with this term “casting” it’s a bit like an audition except it’s for modeling. Did I get the job? Ermmm maybe not but definitely nothing to do with the shorts, the shorts are AWESOME.  Normally I’m not a fan of high waisted anything, I’m a low rise kind of girl. Always have, always will be. So choosing these shorts was out of the ordinary for me and probably the pattern is what struck me most. I tend to find anything high waisted rather uncomfortable and that it does not complement me very well. I always want to pull them down because I’m not use to having something tight around my stomach (in the form of trousers/shorts or skirts I mean) and that makes me look really awkward in public when I’m seen fighting to pull down my shorts, haha that sounds rather funny. But, these shorts seem rather comfortable and I think I will be wearing them more than twice which means they are a good addition to my wardrobe. These shorts were bought from a street vendor and have no brand, so can’t really share the shop/website. BUT, I tried to find something similar to these shorts on the internet and this is the closest thing I found:

Floral Shorts form

Similar floral shorts with 2 front zipper pockets available at for $15.20 (£10)

So there you have it, my first outfit post! How did I do? Hope  you enjoyed reading. I quite enjoyed writing, thinking, photoshopping and preparing this one. Got some comments? Some floral stuff you cannot live without and will potentially burst if you didn’t tell someone? Let me be that someone and comment here.

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