When they say it’s hot, they MEAN hot.

For those of you who haven’t taken the chance to visit the gorgeous country of Thailand (of where I am residing), then you might not know about an amazing holiday that happens once a year in this sunny side of the world. During the month of April things get surprisingly hot here, and when I mean hot I mean eggs are sizzling on the pavement hot. This year, temperatures reached the highs of 40 degrees celcius (104 fahrenheit for you non-celsius speaking countries). Unbearable, thank God for my precious air-con.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, or rather doom and sizzle. Between the days of the 13th – 16th comes a magical holiday called “Song Kran.” This is actually the Thai New Year. Thailand revolves around the Buddhist calendar years rather than the Christian one. Although 2013 is present here, we just celebrated the year 2556. Wahoo! We’re in the future…but everything remains the same 😉

What do we do that is so special to celebrate you ask? THIS is what we do:

Song Kran Madness Central World Bangkok

Water fight at Central World Bangkok. Everyone is armed and dangerous!

Utter chaos breaks out and everyone throws water at each other. The biggest and craziest water fight you can think of, this is it. If you think you’ve got what it takes to take on the water fights then you should definitely join. A fun time to have but tiring too. After being sprayed with water guns and had ice cold water thrown at you, you forget about the hot weather for sure. This happens ALL over Thailand and no one is safe 😉

Wanted to quickly share some cool stuff I came across of course through the power of the internet:

Fashion Illustration/Art:

Sarah Hankinson Fashion Illustrations

SarahHankinson.com – Amazing fashion drawings, love her stuff!

Fave YouTube video trend:

If you haven’t already seen these I think you better take a look. Quite like the powerful trend of the Harlem Shake, the “Draw My Life” videos have also taken the internet by storm. Check out Jenna Marble’s video:

Ok, I think that’s all I have to share at this moment of the happenings.

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