It all had to start somewhere…

Well hello there,

You might have guessed this is the very first post for this blog, so this is a serious point in history, for the blog I mean. Everything has to have a beginning so this is Think it. Dream it.’s very first steps in the world.

I guess I should really outline what this all about. My name is Natty, and this blog is going to be about many things, mostly what pops into my head and a lot of time that is about fashion or what’s happening on the internet. I probably spend a dangerous amount of time online but that’s ok, I learn a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I have a life too. I have a job, I have friends who I actually meet in person and I socialise without the use of a keyboard. Shocking stuff right?

Basic info you should know, I work in the Marketing field, I write, I’m also a freelance model working in Bangkok (Thailand), an expat from the UK.

Until the first “official” post, au revoir.

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