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Mind Over Matter – Outfit Post

Dear gym gods, it’s been a while since my last confession. I have been lazy, eaten copious amounts of junk food and haven’t been in a regular gym pattern for quite sometime. Please forgive my sloth ways and give me power to resist the ever strengthening magnet that is the sofa…even looking at it now I could…NO be strong and head to the gym…must..resist…….

All laid out and ready to go – Mind Over Matter

So bit of a dramatic opening but how else could I get you to understand the laziness that I am trying to escape? I truly have lost motivation to keep up a fitness routine but I’m hoping with some new motivation I will continue my quest for a healthier lifestyle.

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Feel good about what you’re wearing – feel good about what you’re doing

Mind of Matter - Feel good vibes from the workout tee

I realised that I hadn’t invested in my gym activity in quite sometime, I hadn’t actually bought workout clothes in a very long time. Stumbling across the Forever21 sports range I decided my new motivation would come from feeling good first, if I enjoy/like what I am wearing that is one step closer to enjoying/liking being at the gym. My new gym has THE cadillac of all running machines which means now I can watch Jenna Marbles or Casey Neistat while working out, genius!

See the trees through the forrest? Or just line up with the trees

See the trees through the forrest? Or just line up with the trees

I wasn’t one who got on the band wagon of the whole H&M Alexander Wang collection (getting up super early to get a piece? I’d rather sleep *that’s the laziness talking*).  Although fitness is something you should regularly do, it’s not something I could base my life around. Oh how I wish I was born fitness nut, but I was born with the coach potato motivation. Fitness brings back the school memories of running round a FREEZING cold field in the middle of winter and being forced to wear shorts because the P.E. teachers were just meanies. I guess you could say I don’t have fond memories of sports/fitness but I guess with a little work I can change that association.

The feeling you get after working out is one of accomplishment and of happiness, you feel fantastic…tired yes but all those good hormones rushing round. A great tip is have music prepared, I cannot stand silence in the gym. I also learnt that I prefer to be alone in the gym, other people do not really motivate me they’re rather a distraction.

How long this could last? Who could say but a little exercise does wonders.

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What’s your favourite workout outfit? How do you stay motivated in your fitness routine? Share your tips and tricks :)


Festival 10

Festival Look – Outfit Post

I didn’t get to go to Coachella unfortunately or any festivals as there are none going on in HK at the moment but that doesn’t mean I’m not inspired by festival fashion.

I just recently moved to my new place in HK. So new neighbourhood and view. Check out the beautiful view from my balcony :)

Without further ado here’s my festival inspired look:



Festival 07


Festival 11

Festival 01


Festival 10

Festival 09

Festival 08

Festival 06

Festival 05

Festival 02

Sunset Paradise Bra - Sabrina (Thailand)

 Jeans – H&M
Hat – H&M
Bag – H&M
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
Top – Vintage
Sunset Paradise Bra – Sabina (Thailand)

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Easter Granola – First Youtube Video!

Hi guys wishing you all a belated Happy Easter! Check out my new video (first video!!!) on my Youtube channel. I will be adding some new videos soon about daily life, fashion, food etc. Subscribe and leave a like if you’re feeling generous! The recipe is SUPER simple and tasty, which is always my two favourite things about recipes (and I’m sure yours too!).

A Few of My Favourite Things – March Faves

I really meant to write this sooner but you know how it goes, distractions galore. But I’m back on track with a fresh post. My favourite items for March (oops almost over!) include birthday gifts, Banila “Clean it” makeup remover and Sleek Matte lippy. Ok so it’s a bit of an overlap from Feb/March but of these things were received in March so best to call it just that.


Birthday Presents – Received in March so still counts!

My amazing best friend in the UK sent me some goodies for my birthday. She was asking me questions such as “what is your favourite animal?” and “what kind of pet would you want to have?” At the time out of the blue but now it all makes sense…sneaky. I now have some moustache nail decals, which I will try soon.

Elephant Torch Keychain

Elephant Torch Keychain

When I first pressed the button on the top I jumped because not only did it light up but it let out a LOUD elephant noise.

Elephant Print Tissues

Elephant Print Tissues

You gotta have some elephant print tissues, I mean plain tissues are just boring. Plus NO ONE will ever mistake my tissues for their own. Then again, these are just too cute to use.

Matte Me - Sleek - Shade "Petal"

Matte Me – Sleek – Shade “Petal”

I picked up a Sleek matte lippy on my last UK trip and haven’t had a chance to wear it. But with some time to experiment I gave it a go.

Matte Me - Sleek (with camera flash)

Matte Me – Sleek (with camera flash)

Problem with matte lipsticks is that they are terribly drying unlike glossy colours. My recommendation is scrubbing your lips and prepping them by using lip balm beforehand and letting it absorb before applying matte anything.

Sleek Matte Lips face



Matte Me - Sleek Lip Colour (natural light)

Matte Me – Sleek Lip Colour (natural light)


Rimmel Pop Art - Currently wearing on my nails

Rimmel Pop Art – Currently wearing on my nails

Another of my faves is the Pop Art nail polish by Rimmel. I’ve been wearing this pretty non-stop as it’s easy to apply and looks great even on clear nails.

Nail Polish Rimmel - Pop Art and Glitter Bomb

Nail Polish Rimmel – Pop Art and Glitter Bomb


Birthday gift from my sister, neon orange is going to look great for this spring. Check out my outfit posts with the necklace here:


Clean It Zero by Banila

Clean It Zero by Banila

I received a tester while in Macau for Banila Clean It Zero. I had no idea what this product was when I saw it in Sasa and Bonjour. But after trying it I’m sold. It’s a kind of gel like consistency that you apply directly to your makeup-ed up face by massaging in. It’s a very weird feeling as you smudge it into your makeup but it really gets everything off. I suggest cotton pads/buds for eye makeup. It’s great alternative to oily makeup removers. I also use their primer finish powder which is awesome too.


Hope you enjoyed my March faves. What are you favourite March products/buys? Comment below x.

Home is where the heart is – Casual Outfit Post

There are days where I just want to wear something really comfy but still be presentable in case I have to pop out of the house. So there is usually a trade off between looking great and feeling comfortable. Ever had that?

But I think I’ve stumbled upon a winning combination, printed leggings. So it’s not ground breaking but it does give you lot of options. On the days where I’m working mostly from home with some outside appearances I like to wear leopard print leggings.

My favourite combination Chucks and Leggings

My favourite combination Chucks and Leggings

Pair with a bun which is actually the first time I’ve tried this style. It works best if you have haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days, easier to keep in place. However, I did have to use a few pins, two elastic hair bands and some hair spray.

Best done with unwashed hair - Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face :)

Best done with unwashed hair – Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face :)

Let's go for a walk

Let’s go for a walk

Chilling by the Window Converse and Leopard Print

My favourite spot to watch what’s going on outside

Outfit post – For more outfit posts check out

These were all self snaps which is actually a lot more difficult to do when you don’t have a shutter remote. I do have a tripod which does makes thing a lot easier but maybe time to invest in a remote? Or I’ll have to do some more running back and forth.

Leopard print leggings – Forever 21
Shoes – Converse – All Stars
Top – Vintage

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Behind the Scenes Sassy Shoot

I think I earned a seat at the Mean Girl’s table as I was wearing pink on Wednesday.

I enjoyed a super pink Wednesday with Sassy Hong Kong. Easily the most pink day in my LIFE. It was a lot of fun working with such an amazing team: photographer Sabrina Sikora, makeup artist Smudge Makeup Artistry and hair stylist Ross Kwan.

I felt truly decked out in the brightest pinks possible. I loved trying outfits from Jack Wills, What the Frock and also Melissa Bui.

Dress by What the Frock

Hair by Ross Kwan – Makeup by Smudge Makeup Artistry – Photo credit: What the Frock


Pink Shoot - Jack Wills

Me with the beautiful Katya.

Getting my makeup retouched by Smudge Make-up Artistry

Getting my makeup retouched/Photo by Smudge Makeup Artistry

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Sabrina Sikora

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Sabrina Sikora – Photo Credit – Smudge Makeup Artistry

Behind the Scenes - Sassy Shoot

With the paparazzi, just kiddin’ – Photo credit – Sabrina Sikora 

All in Pink Jack Wills

Ross Kwan doing my hair, big curls! Outfit: Jack Wills Shirt


First Wifes Studio Hong Kong

First Wife Studios – Can I live here please?

Gold Brogues and Pink Jeans

Brogues on my feet, Brogues on my feet

Outfits of the Day Jack Wills Melissa Bui What the Frock

A wide selection of pink garments

It was a supppppeeerrrr fun day with a lot of pink girliness going on. It was amazing to work with such a lovely team. For more behind the scenes pics you can check out my Instagram

Enjoy your day! x

Spring In My Step – Outfit Post

I’m so happy that Spring is finally here. It took some searching for something more Spring related but I did find it wandering around Kennedy Town this weekend. It took a train, walking, an elevator, an escalator and some steps to find some amazing trees with blossoming flowers signalling the change into Spring, yippee! Can you tell I’m extremely excited?

Although the temperature hasn’t exactly risen much the sun is starting to peek through very carefully. So I’m wearing a top which I got on my travels in Taiwan, a pair of black jeans and a wool hair because wow it’s windy in Hong Kong (fashionable and functional).

The top really suits me as I fell in love with the slogan”Let’s talk over coffee”. I’m a coffee addict which fits me very well. If I’m asked out for a drink with friends I’m more excited to go for a coffee or even a tea than to a bar/pub. Caffeine is what fuels me.

Spring 01


Spring 02


Spring 03


Buildings in Kennedy Town



Spring 04


Spring 05

Flower in Trees


Spring 06



Spring 07


Trees in Kennedy



Spring 08



Spring 09

Photos taken by: Charles H. – Thank you my lovely bf for being so patient taking these photos :D

Top  – Queen Shop

Necklace – Last True Angel

Jeans – H&M

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Wooly Hat – Accessorize

Spring is Here Outfit on

Spring is Here Outfit on – Click to see more outfit posts


I now also have a Flickr account so feel free to check out my pics on there, I’m trying to learn a bit more about photography and share some of my adventures here in HK.

Lace in the Afternoon – Spring is here

Lace in the Afternoon -

Lace in the Afternoon Outfit Post on


After some pretty foggy weather in Hong Kong finally some sunshine this week! So I took advantage of these small rays for this Spring outfit in the park. I picked up this long top/short dress from L.A.C.Y. Boutique in Macau along with these brown and blue riding boots (or at least that’s what I like to call them). The top is super comfortable and very shapely. The boots are quite comfortable and have an inner lining of fur which keep my feet super warm.

I love lace embellishments so was instantly attracted to this top, it adds a touch of detail. I wore a neon necklace which was my birthday present from my sister, thanks sis!

It’s the first time I’ve actually celebrated Chinese New Year in Hong Kong properly. This included a HUGE hot pot meal with my bf and his family. I learnt how to make gyoza (well I didn’t do well but I’m guessing practice is key). I also watched a lion dance yesterday outside my building. Was very cool to take some pics of that, you can check them out on my Flickr here: Chinese New Year 2015.


Grey Lace Top - L.A.C.Y. Boutique Macau

Grey Lace Top from L.A.C.Y Boutique Macau


Boots from L.A.C.Y. Boutique Macau

Boots from L.A.C.Y. Boutique Macau


Grey Lace 01


Grey Lace 03

Loose Ponytail


Top & Boots – L.A.C.Y. Boutique

Necklace – Last True Angel

Jeans – H&M


Hope you liked my outfit post. What do you like to wear on a Spring afternoon in the park? Leave a comment below. Also check out more of my outfit posts on

Challenge Accepted! – Sport Luxe Outfit

So I was approached with an interesting challenge the other day. It was such an interesting challenge I had to give it a try. In true Barney Stinson form “challenge accepted!”

The challenge was to create a look using one of these NFL jerseys. I watched the NFL halftime with Katy Perry this year and was really amazed. Have you watched it? If you haven’t go check it out here.

But back to the challenge. I chose a Dallas Cowboy jersey and here’s what I came up with:


Sports Luxe Outfit

Zara black jacket
775 HKD –

Forever Unique red pants
415 HKD –

NIKE activewear
735 HKD –

Giuseppe Zanotti black sneaker
4,365 HKD –

Alexis Bittar necklace
2,520 HKD –

Missguided black hat
74 HKD –


A jersey is an awesome way to mix up your style, incorporating it into your outfit for day to day wear. You can get all your jersey and sports needs at which can definitely help you with your game style, they have a lot of choice to choose from including hats!

I’ve haven’t tried putting together a sports luxe outfit before, the closest would be my red wooly hat with snake print sweater. The more I thought about it the harder it became, overthinking. But then I realised it’s easy, match it with a pair faux leather trousers, a biker jacket would look truly awesome! I love wedge sneakers and feel this would be a great way to add a sporty look but with a bit of heel without it being too obvious. To brighten it up I’d pick a neon coloured necklace to add that touch of colour.

This was a super fun challenge as it’s something I haven’t tried before but definitely thinking how to get this outfit in my wardrobe.

How would you create sports luxe outfit? Send me a link if you’re got one on your blog or show me on Polyvore.

Behind the Scenes with Angus Tsui

I don’t post that often about my model work (not that often right?) but if I think it’s worth mentioning I will write on occasion. I am always excited and inspired by local talent in Hong Kong. For a place where finance is the key the ingredient, creativity is something that often gets overlooked (well that’s my feeling anyway). But working in the fashion industry, working for a fashion community website and as a freelance model I get chances to see the hidden gems of Hong Kong fashion industry.

Here’s a prime example, last week I worked for Angus Tsui SS15 preview where his collection was launched at Cocktail in Causeway Bay. You could see that he’s gained some great coverage from winning the Eco Chic Design Award alumni prize.

His pieces use up-cycling, a way to reuse surplus materials in a new way. I like eco-design, giving new life to material seen as a waste product. If more brands used this idea I think we’d have a lot less waste. There are some amazing textures created by combining these materials.

Here’s a few designs I wore at the shop last week. I loved the interesting designs, truly inspirations. You can check out more of Angus Tsui’s designs here: and don’t forget to wish him good luck in London as that is his next stop :)


Angus Tsui 02


Angus Tsui 04




Angus Tsui 03

Images by On.CC –




Angus Tsui 01

Images by –