Challenge Accepted! – Sport Luxe Outfit

So I was approached with an interesting challenge the other day. It was such an interesting challenge I had to give it a try. In true Barney Stinson form “challenge accepted!”

The challenge was to create a look using one of these NFL jerseys. I watched the NFL halftime with Katy Perry this year and was really amazed. Have you watched it? If you haven’t go check it out here.

But back to the challenge. I chose a Dallas Cowboy jersey and here’s what I came up with:


Sports Luxe Outfit

Zara black jacket
775 HKD –

Forever Unique red pants
415 HKD –

NIKE activewear
735 HKD –

Giuseppe Zanotti black sneaker
4,365 HKD –

Alexis Bittar necklace
2,520 HKD –

Missguided black hat
74 HKD –


A jersey is an awesome way to mix up your style, incorporating it into your outfit for day to day wear. You can get all your jersey and sports needs at which can definitely help you with your game style, they have a lot of choice to choose from including hats!

I’ve haven’t tried putting together a sports luxe outfit before, the closest would be my red wooly hat with snake print sweater. The more I thought about it the harder it became, overthinking. But then I realised it’s easy, match it with a pair faux leather trousers, a biker jacket would look truly awesome! I love wedge sneakers and feel this would be a great way to add a sporty look but with a bit of heel without it being too obvious. To brighten it up I’d pick a neon coloured necklace to add that touch of colour.

This was a super fun challenge as it’s something I haven’t tried before but definitely thinking how to get this outfit in my wardrobe.

How would you create sports luxe outfit? Send me a link if you’re got one on your blog or show me on Polyvore.

Behind the Scenes with Angus Tsui

I don’t post that often about my model work (not that often right?) but if I think it’s worth mentioning I will write on occasion. I am always excited and inspired by local talent in Hong Kong. For a place where finance is the key the ingredient, creativity is something that often gets overlooked (well that’s my feeling anyway). But working in the fashion industry, working for a fashion community website and as a freelance model I get chances to see the hidden gems of Hong Kong fashion industry.

Here’s a prime example, last week I worked for Angus Tsui SS15 preview where his collection was launched at Cocktail in Causeway Bay. You could see that he’s gained some great coverage from winning the Eco Chic Design Award alumni prize.

His pieces use up-cycling, a way to reuse surplus materials in a new way. I like eco-design, giving new life to material seen as a waste product. If more brands used this idea I think we’d have a lot less waste. There are some amazing textures created by combining these materials.

Here’s a few designs I wore at the shop last week. I loved the interesting designs, truly inspirations. You can check out more of Angus Tsui’s designs here: and don’t forget to wish him good luck in London as that is his next stop :)


Angus Tsui 02


Angus Tsui 04




Angus Tsui 03

Images by On.CC –




Angus Tsui 01

Images by –



A Secret Part of Macau…Not on the tour

When you think of Macau, what comes to mind is casinos, Portuguese buildings and egg-tarts…well at least is does for me. You would never think of derelict factory buildings or sea sinking abandoned buildings, it’s not something that they put on any tour that’s for sure.

factory small macau

So imagine my surprise when reaching Macau to be told about Coloane. I’ve been to Macau a few times, through different Avenidas of the Portuguese influenced areas and casinos…lots of casinos. OK so maybe Coloane isn’t secret but not exactly the first thing on the tourist route. It’s the quieter side with more residential areas.

street macau

Macau has all of the it’s streets and roads with the Cantonese name and the Portuguese name. Unlike Hong Kong where nearly every street or road has a Cantonese name and an English name. Trust me, in Macau don’t expect the taxi drivers to know the Portuguese names, they will look just as confused as you try to explain in English.


So lucky on this round trip I was picked up by the L.A.C.Y. gang and got to chat with owner Milk and photographer (and sister) Sio Ng.


Here’s me in one of the many outfits that day, I loved the mix of textures, greys and blacks contrasting with my bright red lips.
outfit 01 lacy macauThis is the designer and one of the owner of L.A.C.Y Boutique Milk, the tall person standing next to her is me.

Me and Milk LACY Designer

Devil red lipstick to go with these daring outfits :)

makeup for the day copy

I don’t quite remember how many outfits that we shot that day but I definitely remember the background, an abandoned factory building. I loved the urban industrialised feeling, cannot wait to see how it turns out.


Here’s just a sneak peek from the camera view of one of the first outfits and locations, a woodshed:

sneak peek lacy

It was a super chilly day but worth the trip. I really look forward to the photos and enjoyed my unusual day trip to Macau.

Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2015 – YDC Hong Kong

One of the perks of being a blogger is being lucky I mean super lucky to be invited to watch a fashion show. Each show is different, different styles and different experiences.

This year I was invited to the Young Fashion Designers’ 2015 which happens every year in Hong Kong Fashion Week. I went to represent which is an honour :).

Here are a few of my favourite designs of the night including what I wore.

ready for YDC 01 small

Classic elevator pic on the way to YDC 2015 :)

Kwan Mei Mui Sherman 01 smallDesigner: Kwan Mei Mui Sherman – “Crazy Seams & Darts”

Kitty Wong Sin Man 03 smallDesigner: Kitty Wong Sin Man – “Delicate Craft”

Yeung Lai Ching Michelle 01 smallDesigner Yeung Lai Ching Michelle the overall winner of YDC 2015 with her collection “Inside the Caves”. Congrats!


Winners of YDC 2015 02 smallAll Winners of YDC 2015

Seth Yeung Ex winner 01 smallDesigner: Seth Yeung (previous winner of YDC)

YDC Jaime and Me small After the show – My friend Jaime and I at YDC 2015

HK YDC 01 smallThe cocktail party

Seth Yeung and model Ex winner 02 smallDesigner: Seth Yeung (previous winner of YDC)

Was a fantastic night, the crowd were very enthusiastic and supportive of each designer.

To see the full story head over to my blog post on more pictures included.

Hunting? All Black Outfit – Outfit Post

I feel this collar gives an almost tribal feel, like I’ve gone hunting and this is my prize (don’t worry I don’t hunt…except for coffee). This is the second collar by Q.E.F another one of my favourites. A green patterned collar with green tipped feathers.

You may notice this an all black outfit. I know I usually add something colourful but I couldn’t help but keep it all black as the collar adds some great detail to this long dress.

Green Feathers 02

Green Feathers 04

Green Feathers 03

Green Feathers 05

Don’t forget to check out my post to learn how to wear this kind of outfit.

What do you think of this all black outfit? Let me know what you like wearing with all black.

Styling by me
Collar: Q.E.F
Hat: H&M

Photography by Lsquareproduction

Location: Aldrich Bay Park, Hong Kong


A Perfect Piece of Plaid – Outfit Post

Crazy, busy month I’ve got to say. As I prepare for my 1 month visit in England I somehow have found myself with a million things to do before I leave. I’ll still be doing my freelance work when I’m there but will definitely looking forward to a more laid-back month.

As Christmas is fast approaching strangely I’ve been extremely prepared and bought most of the xmas pressies already, how very unlike me since I’m a professional procrastinator.

This week’s outfit is inspired by plaid. I’ve seen lots of plaid shirts around this winter which is great for keeping you warm. However, I wanted to try something a little different. So when I got to use plaid collar from Q.E.F. I was super excited to create an outfit with it. So here’s what I came up with:


I wanted to concentrate on the awesome plaid pattern so I matched it with blue plaid print umbrella. You can add drama to any outfit including this black and white outfit. Check out those feathers! For more of my outfits visit

Feathers Plaid_Fotor

Jump umbrella_Fotor

umbrella small

Walking down that road


Styling by me
Collar: Q.E.F
Skirt: Zara
Long Hoodie: H&M

Photography by Lsquareproduction

Location: Aldrich Bay Park, Hong Kong

Shine like a…bauble? – Outfit Post

It’s only the beginning of November and I’m already in the festive mood. I’m preparing for a trip back home to good ol’ England to catch up with my family and my second family…my friends! Describing my friends I would say is like a dysfunctional family but no matter how much time has past a Christmas meal is in order. Yes a traditional meal of…Mexican food? Chinese? Argentinian? Maybe not so traditional but the catch up is what counts :)

So this brings me to my latest outfit. Anticipating Christmas/New Years makes me very attracted to shiny things. Check out these sparkly sparkly shorts! I know this isn’t ideal for winter but it’s easily adapted by adding a faux fur coat, some tights (stockings for all you yanks out there) and a pair of boots. Check out my outfit post for some tips on sparkly wearing.

Shiny shorts small


I love my statement necklace that looks like lace, it dresses up this very plain Forever21 tank top. What do you guys think? What do you like to wear around Xmas time?

Photography: lsqproduction
Makeup Artist: Makeup and Beauty Mayhem
Styling: Me
Outfit: Tank Top H&M and Shorts – FOREVER21
Tassel Bag – H&M
Location: Cyberport Arcade HK