Visiting Tokyo Skytree, Harajuku and a Sushi Train! – Youtube Vlog

So here’s the last part of the Tokyo Travel VLOG. I got to say this was the first time I’ve tried making a long travel vlog. Of course there were a few other videos but most were quite short compared to this Tokyo trip. This video is a bit longer than Part 1 and Part 2,  Part 3 covers quite a few different things:

Day 5:
-Hunting for Sumo food – Chanko-Nabe, unfortunately it wasn’t sumo wrestling season so we couldn’t watch them practice but didn’t mean we couldn’t eat like sumos.
– Then went to the Sumo museum and the Edo museum to learn more about Japanese culture.
– Tokyo Skytree to take in the beautiful view.

Day 6:
-A unique way to have ramen – Ichiran Ramen Restaurant in Shinjuku
– Meji Jingu Shrine
– Shopping and crepes at Harajuku
– Dinner in Shibuya

Day 7:
-Lunch at Shibuya at Genki Sushi – sushi train!
– Dessert from Isetan department store
– Last chance for Neko Atsume

Day 8:
– Leaving Tokyo
– Leaving for Korea

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Hello Kuala Lumpur! – Travel/Outfit Post

This will be my last trip for a while. I went to Kuala Lumpur last week for the first time. Not my first trip to Malaysia though. The trip was for a friend’s wedding so not much time to see and do a lot. 

I stayed right opposite the Petronas Twin Towers so the view was pretty good from my hotel room.

Buffet breakfast was included so what a great incentive to get up early so not to miss the food! I would say the food was so so but my favourites were the pancake station and yoghurt.

I stayed at the Traders hotel which had the most comfortable bed which I got the most amazing sleep.

Since it wasn’t super hot in KL I found most of the time I would wear a shirt over outfits which is super handy for the blasting aircon. I love how you can wear it multiple ways.

Wearing the shirt over a basic Zara dress and a few accessories I found this outfit comfortable and stylish. Great for traveling as if I got too hot I could wear the shirt around my waist instead.

I noticed in this area a lot of women wore head scarfs and long layers. I wondered if I should dress in a similar fashion but friends assured me that KL is quite multi-cultural city  and how I dressed wasn’t an issue.

I spent a lot of time in Suria KLCC mall as it was very close to the hotel, just below the Twin Towers. Didn’t do much shopping but finally got myself an original beauty blender from Sephora.

On the last night of my KL trip we ended up at Jalan Alor street food market. It’s full of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. I was hoping there’d be more Malaysian dishes to try but unfortunately there wasn’t. There is however fruit and durian especially if you can get past its pungent smell.

Had a try of sea snails but found them a bit tough. Not the best I’ve had.

Luckily on the last day we had brunch at a Malaysian restaurant. Finally got to try some coconut flavoured rice with fried chicken and sweet chilli prawns yum! 

I did however accidently order beef which was on the side. A lot of dishes in Malaysia contain beef or chicken, not common to find pork dishes as a lot of people living in Malaysia do not eat pork due to religion. It was a not a huge problem a for me but if you also don’t eat beef expect to see a lot of it on the menu in KL.

I hope to return to Malaysia again and have a chance to try more local food and explore a bit more but due to lots of wedding activities my time was short.

Hope you enjoyed this short travel post!

Holograms & High-rises – Song Kran and Outfit Post

It’s been a busy month of travel including Phuket, Bangkok and my last trip will be to Kuala Lumpur at the end of this month which I’ve never been to before.

I visited Bangkok for a week during the hottest time of the year and the celebration of “Song Kran” (สงกรานต์) – Thai New Year took place.

So here’s a little bit about Song Kran in case you’re not familiar with this festival. It marks the start of the Thai New Year and this year is 2559 (yes that’s right Thailand is on a whole different year as it goes by the Buddhist calendar). It last for 3 days from 13th – 15th April. What happens during that time? Many will go to temples to make offerings to the monks. But also a water festival begins. Traditionally Song Kran meant trickling water on the elderly and family members as a sign of respect and to wash away the sins of the year past. But now it is more internationally known as a water fight. The modern way Song Kran is celebrated is with water gun, ice water and sometimes putting power on people’s faces. This year luckily in the areas where I celebrated no powder to be seen, thank goodness because that stuff gets in your eyes and it’s horrible.


I headed to Central World and Siam with some friends to battle it out. But stopping on the way for some street food snacks and a rest before battling on. I’ve always enjoyed Song Kran but probably only the first day. After a day of being soaked and drenched in water the novelty kind of wears off. But not to worry, most people are quite respectful when it comes to splashing water. If you’re not carrying a gun or look like you’re fully dressed (e.g. not wearing flip flops, shorts and t-shirt and carrying some form of water weapon). most will not try to engage you into a one-sided soak-fest. Another way to avoid the water fight is to travel via BTS (skytrain ) or taxi and avoid the main splash zones (Siam, Silom, Khao Sarn etc.). Spend your time shopping, eating or watching a movie.

I hoped to make a VLOG about Song Kran in Bangkok for my Youtube channel, but to honest it was a little hard to capture video from my phone while it was in a waterproof pouch (sold during Song Kran season pretty much everywhere). I wasn’t sure how waterproof it was (I couldn’t quite believe the “100% waterproof” printed on the packaging), so used my old Samsung S4 to capture video. What I did capture was all very shaky as I was trying to avoid the water guns while filming.


I spent the rest of the time in Bangkok eating all my favourite foods, Som Tam (spicy salad), boat noodles, moo-bing (fatty pork on a stick), sticky rice, roti (fried sweet pancake/crepe) and drinking Thai ice tea.

I wore this outfit for shopping in Bangkok, a striped pencil skirt by Zara, a cropped halter top and pair of new shoes by Tracy & Belle which I discovered at Central Chidlom. I loved the hologram sheen of the strap which I felt went well with my TOPLOOK Sunglasses which I picked up in Artbox while I was in Seoul (15,000 won – around 100 HKD or £10).




I’m a city girl at heart and love the busy life of Bangkok. One day I may return to this city, but for now I will be happy to make a few visits a year just to catch up with friends and devour lots of tasty food.

Holograms and High-rises Look

Holograms and High-rises – Check out more of my outfit pics on

Skirt – ZARA (similar here & here)

Hologram shoes – Tracy & Belle (same shoes but in silver here)

Sunglasses – TOPLOOK – Artbox


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It’s been a while! But I thought I would share my latest adventure in Tokyo. I recently went to Tokyo and Seoul which has been the most exciting trip I’ve had in a long time. I hope you enjoy it!

I finally made it to TOKYO! This is the first part to my trip.

Day 1: The first day involved a lot of traveling and one night at a hotel next to Narita airport.

Day 2: Travelled from Narita to Shinjuku. Checking out Shinjuku neighbourhood. Playing at the arcade.

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Two sides to one look – Festive in Plaid – Outfit Post

It’s getting closer to Christmas, the countdown has begun! Have you been opening your advent calendars? I feel it’s time to add some more red into my wardrobe to celebrate the festivities.

Strangely the weather decided to behave itself the afternoon I took these photos. I actually shot this on a different day but the lighting was really cold and the winds would not stop. So a retake was in order.

A recent trip to ZARA in London led me to this awesome plaid shirt that has a very nice cut and very comfortable too!


IMG_4106 IMG_4111

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge ZARA fan. My boots are vintage ZARA, can you believe they’re they’re almost 10 years old? I remember picking these out in a sale, brown suede isn’t my usual first pick but so happy I got these as they’re really well made.IMG_4192IMG_4185IMG_4126

This shirt goes great under a sweatshirt type jumper or any jumper. I like how the collar peeks through along with the shirt ends.IMG_4151

This scarf I owe credit to my sister. She works for a gallery called the Light Box, and the scarf is available at their gift shop. It’s so soft and very warm to wear. Perfect for blustery winds and chilly nights in England.IMG_4145IMG_4139

The scarf has two patterns on each side. On one side there is tartan, on other side there’s houndstooth.IMG_4099

Two Sides to One Outfit – Check out more of my outfit pics on

Plaid Shirt – ZARA (similar here and here)
(ZARA carry a few different plaid shirts but I couldn’t this exact one on the site.)

Jeans – H&M (similar here)

Sweatshirt type jumper – H&M (similar here)

Boots – ZARA vintage (similar here and here)

What do you think of my festive look? Not an overly dramatic Christmas look but definitely gets points for Christmas colours.

Long Layers – Outfit Post

One of my favourite things about UK weather is the changing of seasons. Just as I arrived in England the leaves were dropping and there was a lovely Autumn feel in the air. It’s nice to have cooler weather for a change with the sun peeking through now and again.Autumn 03 smallAutumn 02 small

I’m truly in love layers. Adding different lengths of material to an outfit really makes it look more dynamic. I know this isn’t the most colourful outfit (as per usual for me) but I do love how greys and blacks work together and the sheen of different materials .

Autumn 04 small

Autumn 05 small

Autumn 06 small

Autumn 11 small

An English Autumn – Check out more of my outfit pics on

High Low Top – ZARA (similar here)

Leather look Jeans – Mango

Tassel Necklace – Marks and Spencers

Boots – Dorothy Perkins


A Bangkok Weekend: Youtube videos

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Black Friday sales and even perusing Cyber Monday sales. It seems the UK has adopted these sales but without the Thanksgiving holiday.

Before coming to England I stopped off in sunny Bangkok for weekend packed full of activities, including shopping, food, seeing friends, more food, clubbing and yes more food.

To check out what I got up to for Halloween and my JJ Market (Chatujak Market) experience press play below:

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Shoes: Pleasure and Pain – A Day at the V&A

Neon lights for the Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Neon lights for the Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

I recently went to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. They had an intriguing exhibit displaying shoes throughout history and what was in trend in different cultures.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

It was interesting to see how shoe trends have changed over the years. Starting off with barely any heels. Did you know heels were originally a trend for men? It was not until later on did heels become more of the attractive choice for women.

In the courtyard having a coffee before checking out the exhibit

V&A Coffee Cup

Even their coffee cups are gorgeous to look at – V&A Museum

But in places like China, originally small feet were seen as most beautiful hence the foot binding in the 19th century and unbelievably painful process woman went through to procure this idealistic foot size (Think about this the next time you force yourself into some ridiculously uncomfortable shoes).

The whole exhibit got me thinking about fashion and what is seen as attractive today. It reminded me a lot of the post I wrote a year ago about body shape and what is deemed as desirable today.

Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Shoes are seen as a very desirable item in the fashion industry. Names such as Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Karl Largerfeld, Jimmy Choo and Vivienne Westwood (to name a few) were on display at the exhibit. These names have become an institution to fashion and the shoe industry today.

Different shoes in many styles, my favourite being the green fluffy ones.

Different shoes in many styles, my favourite being the green fluffy ones.

So what’s the motivation behind the change of style of shoes over history? The overview would be the reasons lie with what men thought attractive on woman and also social status. But as times have changed, social norms have been updated.

Nowadays shoes are obsessed by women and even men everywhere. What was part of more of a social status environment has moved into fashion trends rather than what the opposite sex thinks what woman look more attractive in.

I admit I’ve bought shoes that were in trend and realised hang on…these aren’t that practical let alone comfortable. But I feel I have vowed to keep my feet happy and try to pick the more comfortable shoe rather than what is seen as popular. It’s hard in this day and age not to be affected by social media as you cannot avoid what is fashionable as millions share it over multiple channels.

Furry leopard boots

Shoes made out of an old coat during the war time while fabric was scarce due to war time rationing

Is social media the new social status for women’s shoe fashion? Maybe not to the extent of foot binding but the wrong shoe can cause a lot of discomfort.

What’s your opinion about shoes and pain? Is pain beauty? What’s your favourite shoe?



Autumn Beauty Faves – YouTube Video

It’s that time of year where the leaves change colour, the temperature starts to cool down and pumpkin spiced lattes are a plenty. I thought I’d share my favourite beauty faves for Autumn. Check out my latest video here:

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List of Beauty Faves Mentioned:
Makeup Academy – Glitter Ball Palette –

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed Palette in Streak –

Topshop – Bronzer in Sand Castle (couldn’t find it on the Topshop website but they do have one in shade in Salute:

3CE – Shimmer Glow Bloc (highlighter) –

Maybelline – Clear Smooth All In One BB Cream in Fresh (01) –

This video is no way endorsed or sponsored by any of the brands above, purely just sharing my favourite items that I like to use in my makeup routine. Enjoy!