Neon lights for the Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain – A Day at the V&A

Neon lights for the Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Neon lights for the Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

I recently went to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. They had an intriguing exhibit displaying shoes throughout history and what was in trend in different cultures.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

It was interesting to see how shoe trends have changed over the years. Starting off with barely any heels. Did you know heels were originally a trend for men? It was not until later on did heels become more of the attractive choice for women.

In the courtyard having a coffee before checking out the exhibit

V&A Coffee Cup

Even their coffee cups are gorgeous to look at – V&A Museum

But in places like China, originally small feet were seen as most beautiful hence the foot binding in the 19th century and unbelievably painful process woman went through to procure this idealistic foot size (Think about this the next time you force yourself into some ridiculously uncomfortable shoes).

The whole exhibit got me thinking about fashion and what is seen as attractive today. It reminded me a lot of the post I wrote a year ago about body shape and what is deemed as desirable today.

Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A Museum London

Shoes are seen as a very desirable item in the fashion industry. Names such as Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Karl Largerfeld, Jimmy Choo and Vivienne Westwood (to name a few) were on display at the exhibit. These names have become an institution to fashion and the shoe industry today.

Different shoes in many styles, my favourite being the green fluffy ones.

Different shoes in many styles, my favourite being the green fluffy ones.

So what’s the motivation behind the change of style of shoes over history? The overview would be the reasons lie with what men thought attractive on woman and also social status. But as times have changed, social norms have been updated.

Nowadays shoes are obsessed by women and even men everywhere. What was part of more of a social status environment has moved into fashion trends rather than what the opposite sex thinks what woman look more attractive in.

I admit I’ve bought shoes that were in trend and realised hang on…these aren’t that practical let alone comfortable. But I feel I have vowed to keep my feet happy and try to pick the more comfortable shoe rather than what is seen as popular. It’s hard in this day and age not to be affected by social media as you cannot avoid what is fashionable as millions share it over multiple channels.

Furry leopard boots

Shoes made out of an old coat during the war time while fabric was scarce due to war time rationing

Is social media the new social status for women’s shoe fashion? Maybe not to the extent of foot binding but the wrong shoe can cause a lot of discomfort.

What’s your opinion about shoes and pain? Is pain beauty? What’s your favourite shoe?



Autumn Beauty Faves – YouTube Video

It’s that time of year where the leaves change colour, the temperature starts to cool down and pumpkin spiced lattes are a plenty. I thought I’d share my favourite beauty faves for Autumn. Check out my latest video here:

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List of Beauty Faves Mentioned:
Makeup Academy – Glitter Ball Palette –

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed Palette in Streak –

Topshop – Bronzer in Sand Castle (couldn’t find it on the Topshop website but they do have one in shade in Salute:

3CE – Shimmer Glow Bloc (highlighter) –

Maybelline – Clear Smooth All In One BB Cream in Fresh (01) –

This video is no way endorsed or sponsored by any of the brands above, purely just sharing my favourite items that I like to use in my makeup routine. Enjoy!

YAY Autumn Weather! – Changing seasons/ Transition Outfit Post

I’ve been waiting to share this look on Think it. Dream it. Blog just because I felt this outfit couldn’t be worn in sweltering weather (even though it was shot in less than ideal temperatures). Transitioning from Summer to Autumn here in HK has a bit of difficulty deciding whether to wear jeans or shorts, long sleeve or t-shirts. It’s funny because 22 degree celsius would be deemed Summer in England, but here it’s Autumn.

I was sent back in Feb a pair of MANGO jeans with a leather look/shimmer finish from my sister in the UK. I’m a big fan of MANGO and was super pleased to have a new pair of black jeans as I tend to find black jeans to fade super fast.


I’m wearing a cropped box t-shirt from COTTON ON with some fitted MANGO jeans. I think when you wear something with a baggy shape it’s good to add something with a fitted look to add some shape.



I’ve entered this look into the #MIGOlookcontest over on, hoping to win a MIGO bag and $200 USD! Click here to view my look or enter your own today.


Candy is a girl’s best friend :)

Here’s some tips for transitioning from Summer to Autumn:

  • Since the weather hasn’t really decided on staying cool or heating up it’s good to dress in layers. Hoodies, jackets, long shirts are a great items to have on hand. I like wearing a plaid shirt over cropped tops or strap tops as it can be left open if you’re too hot or buttoned up if you’re too cold.
  • As long as it’s not raining, sandals are good footwear for the awkward season change. I also like wearing converse as they’re pretty comfortable whatever the weather.
  • Keep a scarf on hand as this can be draped around you shoulders if the temperature starts to drop, or can be tied onto your bag if hasn’t cooled down.
  • If you want to wear skirt, you can always wear tights underneath if you’re afraid of the cold. If it starts to warm up again it’s easy to find a public toilet/changing room and take them off and stash in your bag.
  • Don’t wear one piece items that are long sleeve or made of thick material. If you’re suddenly caught in an unpredictable weather change, the heat will make you feel sorry for your choice. If one piece a must wear short sleeve so you can always layer up if it’s not warm enough.

What’s your favourite season transition items? Leave a comment below if I’ve missed any great tips.

Navy Blue Moments – Check out more of my outfit pics on

Photos taken by photographer Frank Tam

Cropped/ Top  COTTON ON – DISCONTINUED (similar here)

Leather Look Jeans – MANGO – DISCONTINUED (similar here)

Chain Sandal Flats – EDGE – DISCONTINUED (similar here)

Sunglasses – Vintage (similar here)

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Escaping Awkward Social Situations – NEW Youtube Video

A different style of Youtube video for me to try. Oh yes, I had a very awkward social situation that happened to me on my travels during my last Bangkok visit. Have you experienced a social situation that was so awkward you wished there was an escape plan? Well learn from my story and how I got out of one that involved a stalker, unhelpful SEPHORA staff and my most serious face yet.

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ZALORA Red Skirt

Flare for Fashion – Zalora Haul/Outfit post

Yes pun intended. It’s HAUL time on the Think it. Dream it. blog and again it’s from Zalora. I have been an avid Zalora fan ever since coming to HK and find their service really convenient especially if I’m TOO lazy to venture out shopping.

This outfit I put together with everything pretty much coming from Zalora as they were doing some awesome SALEs recently.

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ZALORA Red Skirt

I have been on the hunt for the perfect flared neoprene skirt. Ever since I dropped by Harrison Wong‘s shop I have been in love with the fabric and it persuaded me to venture into the unknown and try for the first time this spacey fabric.


With such a puffy skirt, I knew I needed something to bring back some shape. So, I’ve been looking for a grey halter/cropped top and found this one on ZALORA by Factorie which is an Australian brand.

Charles & Keith Wooden Wedge Heels

I hate feet shots. I feel they’re super awkward as you try to make your feet feel/look presentable and….I’ve failed here but wanted you guys to get a closer look at these pretty wedges from Charles & Keith. Can you believe up until now I’ve never owned a pair of Charles & Keith wedges?

So here’s a quick review on the heels alone. The shoes I must say felt pretty comfortable when I tested them around the house (which is how I usually test all my shoes out). But after taking them on a road test in Macau last weekend I realised not quite as comfy for a long distance walk. I covered maybe 5km in a day walking round the casinos (thanks to Fitbit for that info) and by the end my feet were not so happy). I would say they are good for a casual day out but walking wise not so much.


Let’s talk neoprene. Not the most hot weather suitable material as if you start to perspire (fancy word for sweat, or you could go with glow but always found that word odd to use) it kinda acts as a sponge (ew gross I know). Luckily, this weekend I wore it mostly indoors at the casinos/dinner so it was pretty good as I didn’t feel cold in the A/C. I do love how it keeps it’s shape but only time will tell if the washing machine will keep it shapely.


I like to think this outfit is rather modest. What I mean by this is that it’s not showing off too much leg or bust. I know it shoes a little belly but I think that’s acceptable. This outfit would be perfect for evening summer garden party or if you’re heading Macau like I did last weekend good for a night out celebrating a bf’s birthday :).






I quite like this outfit as it’s simple and I can wear a statement necklace with it. What do you think? Leave a comment, would love to hear your opinions on neoprene, flared skirts and if you’ve had better luck with me with Charles & Keith shoes.

Red Skirt – Check out more of my outfit pics on

Cropped/Halter Top – Factorie

Neoprene Flared Skirt – ZALORA

Wedge Heels – CHARLES & KEITH via ZALORA – SOLD OUT (similar, here and here)

Emily Necklace – MONKI

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MIGO Mirroed Staircase Backpack small 10

Mirrored Staircase – Outfit Post

MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 01

There’s a new backpack in town and it’s name is MIGO. I was contacted by MIGO to choose a bag. I was honoured and happy to as I really like their snazzy designs. Not only are the patterns designed right here in Hong Kong but the backpack is also really good quality.


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 13




MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 14


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 21


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 18

Inside the backpack there is an inner pocket perfect for your laptop/tablet.

This bag would be able to fit my camera plus lens, makeup, umbrella and iPad. Could also use it for a weekend getaway.

MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 17


MIGO Label

MIGO Label


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 16


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 07

The backpack is a good size I’d say. You can definitely fit a lot in there.


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 04


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 10

I took my backpack out for a spin which included some hair flipping.


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 02


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 11


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 08


MIGO Mirrored Staircase Backpack small 12

I had a lot of fun shooting this look. This is an outfit I tend to mix and match a lot as it’s easy to pair. The top is from ZARA, a cropped white basic top which I like to wear with anything high-waisted. For me, wearing something cropped and low-waisted feels a little too exposed (unless I’m at the pool/beach of course).

This is the second time I’ve used my tripod and Canon remote to shoot. It’s not an easy task but once everything is setup all I had to do is point and shoot. You’re definitely limited to what angles you can shoot from but it’s definitely better than the days I use to shoot on a timer only, running back and forth from the camera was hectic!

All in all very please with my new backpack, definitely can pack more than my last backpack and will make a great travelling companion.

What’s your view on cropped tops and low-waisted items?

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Top – ZARA Trafaluc similar here

Shorts – Vintage similar here

Backpack- Mirrored Staircase  –

Shoes – Converse – All Stars

Sunglasses – SOLD OUT – Harrison Wong



Repeat Offender – Where to Stay in Bangkok/Outfit Post

After a year long absence from Thailand (where I used to live) I thought it was time to make an appearance. I’m currently going through the stage of asking myself the question: do I miss Thailand? It’s a hard question to answer and thought it would be easier to answer if I was in the actual country. I do miss it but I also don’t. It’s the same with here,  I like Hong Kong and there are things I don’t like about it, but maybe that’s another blog post altogether.

I went with my bf (who took all the pics of me below thank you hunny) to Bangkok for 4 days which turned out to be super short, I couldn’t meet up with all my old friends but was nice to be able to meet up with some.

Hollister Romper -

Exploring the hotel that had lots of unique retro devices. Check out more of my looks on

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo, a newly opened hotel this year that decorates it’s interior with retro nostalgia. I found it quirky and fun but was a little confused about the decor in the beginning.

Hotel Indigo Lobby

A little wander to wonder

Robot in Hotel Indigo lobby

Hello robot :)

Hotel Indigo lobby wearing Hollister Romper

Ready to explore my old haunts with my trusty (well kinda) backpack

Playing with the radio at Hotel Indigo Bangkok wearing Hollister Romper

Playing with the radio



Being a tourist in a city you’ve lived in before definitely feels weird. I mean what do you? What do you see? For me it was trip back into my old life with some new surprises. The city has definitely grown up a bit since I’ve been gone.



I admit it, I’m a repeat offender. I had worn this very same romper on a trip around HK with my friends the week before BUT that doesn’t mean I’ll wear it exactly the same. Instead of wearing it with a long grey hoody and converse I decided to match it with a plaid shirt and my fave sandals from Zalora. I also wore a backpack which I got from my Marks & Spencer’s makeover. The backpack is very handy for putting my camera, wallet, makeup and any other bits and bobs needed.

Since it was not super hot in Thailand that week, I was able to get away with a plaid shirt. This is super handy especially when you go from outdoor to indoor where the A/C is on full blast. Outdoor can simply roll up the sleeves and indoor roll ’em done or button up if it’s super cold.




Indigo Hotel - Bathtub Bangkok

The room came with a little company, a family of ducks :)

Bed Indigo Hotel - Bangkok

The most comfortable bed to snooze in, the pillows were like marshmallow


Menu - Bar - Indigo Hotel Bangkok

What’s on the menu

Som tam at Central Embassy

First day back in the city need that Som Tam! – Foodcourt at Central Embassy – Total meal set us back around 600 baht but everything was delicious and a lot of food!

Dean & Deluca Ploenchit Bangkok

No walk down Ploenchit is complete without a Dean & Deluca drink in hand

Hallway Indigo Hotel

Down the hallway at Indigo Hotel


Bubble Bath at Indigo Hotel Bangkok

End of a hard day running round town, a bath with these little guys. The bathtub was amazing and great for a bubble bath :)


All in all my stay at Hotel Indigo was great. There was a little confusion about the definition of what an Intercontinental Breakfast included. Somehow instead of including the intercontinental breakfast, one savoury dish of choice and one sweet dish of choice we ended up with two sweet dishes and one savoury. At checkout we explained to the staff that the menu wasn’t clear and ended up with not exactly what we ordered, they were nice enough to take the breakfast off our bill and improve their menu description.

Indigo Breakfast at Indigo Hotel Bangkok

Not so Intercontinental Breakfast but hey two pancakes!

Would I recommend it? Yes I would, it’s in a really convenient location and the staff were really helpful. I know a new hotel always has it’s hiccups in it’s first few months but really overall impressed.

Stayed tuned for my next post about what I saw and did in Bangkok. Again the trip was super short so I think I can cover it in one more post. Have you visited a town you use to live in? Have you been a tourist in your own city? Share with me what you feel is good about revisiting old place or the bad :).

Check out more of my outfit pics on

Romper – Hollister

Plaid shirt – H&M – SOLD OUT similar here

Backpack  – Marks & Spencers

Shoes – EDGE – SOLD OUT – Zalora

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Yes. No. Maybe? – Outfit Post

It’s certainly hot and humid in HK. It’s funny, when I use to live in England, as an English person you tend to talk about the weather a lot. Living in HK that hasn’t escaped me. But the comments are more “oh there’s a T8 coming” (T8 is a typhoon warning, usually means everyone has to stay at home and not go to work, yay! Oh wait I mostly work from home…).

I won a cash voucher from a site called Yes. No. MaybeSo they let me pick an item from their online store that came with a free gift of a scarf (once you sign up for their newsletter). One outfit that instantly grabbed my attention was this Venetian Print dressThe dress arrived within a week and I couldn’t wait to share with you this pretty thing.

Have seen prettier packaging than this? So pretty.

Yes No Maybe Tag 01

Venetian Dress Review -

Venetian Dress –

Kinda in love with this burlap sack for some reason


Talavera Scarf – Free with first purchase once you sign up to their newsletter, pretty good deal.

Scarf 01

The cool thing about  the dress is that it has a double layer so it looks a little 3D. It’s not see-through which is awesome, so no worries about wearing black underwear and having it showing through.

Yes No Maybe 02 small

The size I ordered was Size S due to the measurements they gave on the site. The fit isn’t bad as I can move easily (you’ll see in the pics below when I’m jumping!). There is a zipper on the side to makes it easier to put on. The only gripe I have is that the arm holes are little tight, but I don’t think that’s to do with the size chosen, but rather the fit of the dress. Maybe I can adjust them a bit?

Yes No Maybe 03

I also got myself (finally!) some lace up flats after lusting over them so long all over Instagram. I had seen quite a few including the originals from Aquazzura, which is a little out of my price range. So a good alternative came from Zalora with Rubi – Williams Point. You could also make you’re own, a good how to here: DIY Lace Up Ballet Flats.

Yes No Maybe 01 small

Yes No Maybe 06 small

The back is equally as pretty as the front, the print I can only explain as a Venetian goddess.

Yes No Maybe 08 small

I told you I would jump! I should also mention this was the first time using my new Canon infrared remote which makes it a lot easier to take self portraits, no more running back and forth between takes.



Shoes 03 small

How the shoes arrives – Zalora packaging

As always very easy to order from Zalora. There came in a few days and were very well protected. I have order from them a few times now and no issues with delivery. Always order cash on delivery which is always super convenient. You can see my first review about them and about their pop-up store.

Yes No Maybe 18 small

Quite comfortable, I still wish I ordered them in blue also! Rubi is actually sold at Cotton On but everytime I’ve been there I haven’t seen these in the HK stores. So it was a good alternative to order them online. New to Zalora (also called The Iconic)? Get  a 15% discount with my code: BAPQW7N

Yes No Maybe 17 small

Shoes 04 small

Comes with zips at the back making it super easy to put on

Shoes 02 small

Yes No Maybe 20 small

Yes No Maybe Summer Look –

Check out more of my outfit pics on

Venetian Print Dress – Yes. No. Maybe

Shoes – Rubi – Zalora

New to Zalora (also called The Iconic)? Get  a 15% discount with my code: BAPQW7N


Green means Go – Outfit Post

Green is definitely not my go to colour. In fact it’s my least favourite colour after maybe brown or yellow. Why has green got into my bad books? Well simply due to what a friend told me once about it being on the opposite side of the colour wheel to red, it makes me feel that any redness in my skin tone will stand out more. I have no idea if that is true but somehow green has not been on my shopping list for quite sometime.

So it may come quite a surprise to you that this outfit post is pretty much all green, shocker.

I decide to give green another go. This dress from H&M grabbed my attention, loved the pattern and the cut so thought I’d try it on. I found a plaid shirt which has been missing from my wardrobe, it was unintentional but I tried them together and it seemed to work.

Another way to wear it is by dressing it down with a plaid shirt:


You can wear a shirt off the shoulder or tied around your waist to dress down an outfit.


Green Means Go – Check out more of my outfit pics on

Sleeveless Dress – H&M (similar)

Shirt – H&M (similar)

Bracelet – Ted Baker

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins


Not what you would expect from Marks and Spencers

Not What You Would Expect from Marks and Spencers

Hello peeps! It’s been a gloomy past couple of days in Hong Kong, time to up the ante on vitamin C as change of weather means falling ill, oh no. Time to invest in some oranges.

To add a little sunshine into my life I received an email from Marks and Spencer the other day telling me I’d won a makeover with M&S and the fabulously stylish Sabrina Sikora! YAY!

It was truly an amazing experience to have someone style you. Often we get stuck in our own ways when it comes to clothes shopping. It’s a great opportunity to get an insight of what another person thinks looks good on you. You often overlook an item of clothing you wouldn’t have even considered picking up yourself while shopping.

In for a treat with goodies from M&S

In for a treat with goodies from M&S

When I think of M&S I think about the days when I use to live in the UK, I think about the school days. For me Marks and Spencer brings to mind great food and underwear. I also remember picking out items for my school uniform back in the day. But I know in recent years M&S have shaken up their image a little with introducing Limited Edition items and the line Indigo Collection. So I was super excited to see what they had in store (pardon the pun).

When I first entered the giveaway I didn’t think I’d even have a chance of getting picked, I entered in for fun and had forgotten about it. When I received an email and then a phone call from one of the lovely people at M&S (hello Carol!) it really was an amazing surprise.

Indigo Denim Jacket by Marks and Spencer

Indigo Denim Jacket by Marks and Spencer

The newly opened store at Time Square (Causeway Bay) was where we had to go for our makeover. I then found the amazing Sabrina our stylist of the day, the wonderfully talented Anael (I have worked with both in a past, always great to see familiar faces) and a new face for me the photographer for the day Michelle Proctor.

Before the makeover - In Black and White clothing

Before the makeover – In Black and White clothing

When I was asked what I usually wear I admitted my go-to outfits are usually of the black, white and grey variety. I wasn’t the only one to give this monochrome answer. A few of the other makeover-ees (this should be a word) also replied black and white are the usual colours they chose for their wardrobe choices.

My stylist Sabrina decided that I was good fit for the long flower patterned jumpsuit. My first reaction was “this is something I would never pick out for myself”. About to protest I decided I’d give it a go, I knew if I had chosen something from the rack myself it would defeat the object of a makeover.

Yellow flower patterned jumpsuit

Yellow flower patterned jumpsuit – I had been looking for jumpsuit but this very different from my usual choices.

Pattern up close

After I tried on the outfit I felt differently about it, hey I might be able to pull this off! It was then onto the makeup chair with Anael.

Makeup by Anael Darmon

Makeup by Anael Darmon

Didn't get a clear shot of my stylist for the day, she's the super tall one holding the belt.

Didn’t get a clear shot of my stylist for the day, she’s the super tall one holding the belt.


The lovely Anael who styled my hair and did my makeup

The lovely Anael who styled my hair and did my makeup

Anael decided that a fish tail plait, pink/red lipstick and a little bronzer would be my look for today. It’s great to ask makeup artists what products they use and what they recommend as they use them pretty much everyday on a variety of different people.

A Sneak Peek of the Outfit - Marks and Spencer Makeover

A Sneak Peek of the Outfit – Marks and Spencer Makeover

A Sneak Peek of the Outfit - Marks and Spencer Makeover

Jumping for jumpsuits – Marks and Spencer Makeover

Bags, bags, bags - M&S Bag Selection

Bags, bags, bags – M&S Bag Selection

It was then on to have our photos taken with our photographer Michelle. She had a great eye for choosing spots in the store to get our photos done.

Photoshoot time with Michelle Proctor

Photoshoot time


Michelle Proctor - Photographer

Michelle Proctor – Photographer


So here’s how it turned out:

Makeover by Sabrina Sikora, Anael Darmon and photo by Michelle Proctor

Makeover by Sabrina Sikora, make up by Anael Darmon and photo by Michelle Proctor


I can resist everything except temptation - Oscar Wilde

I can resist everything except temptation – Oscar Wilde


I really feel Marks and Spencer has changed quite a bit from what I remember. Even the aesthetic of the store is more interesting. I love the little touches of display items and even wall decor that they’ve introduced.


Typewriter in the M&S store Time Square

Typewriter in the M&S store Time Square


M&S shopping bag full of goodies.

Each makeover participant got to take home their outfit so the lovely new jumpsuit and I went home together.

I don’t think I can look at M&S the same way again after this magical experience. A brand that cannot get any more British. Has this experience changed my opinion of Marks and Spencer? Well not entirely, I still feel their number 1 assets are food and lingerie (they do make a good bra and biscuit). But I do feel they’re new ranges have opened my eyes to their fashion range.

Shop my makeover look:


Denim Jacket – Indigo Collection

Straw Fedora Hat – Indigo Collection

Tassel Necklace (not the same but similar)

Aztec Print Across Body Bag


Mules (similar but the not same)


Not available on the M&S website but check in store

Help me win! It would really mean the world for me if you guys could take a second to “like” the photo below to help me win the Marks and Spencer makeover!