Hunting? All Black Outfit – Outfit Post

I feel this collar gives an almost tribal feel, like I’ve gone hunting and this is my prize (don’t worry I don’t hunt…except for coffee). This is the second collar by Q.E.F another one of my favourites. A green patterned collar with green tipped feathers.

You may notice this an all black outfit. I know I usually add something colourful but I couldn’t help but keep it all black as the collar adds some great detail to this long dress.

Green Feathers 02

Green Feathers 04

Green Feathers 03

Green Feathers 05

Don’t forget to check out my post to learn how to wear this kind of outfit.

What do you think of this all black outfit? Let me know what you like wearing with all black.

Styling by me
Collar: Q.E.F
Hat: H&M

Photography by Lsquareproduction

Location: Aldrich Bay Park, Hong Kong


A Perfect Piece of Plaid – Outfit Post

Crazy, busy month I’ve got to say. As I prepare for my 1 month visit in England I somehow have found myself with a million things to do before I leave. I’ll still be doing my freelance work when I’m there but will definitely looking forward to a more laid-back month.

As Christmas is fast approaching strangely I’ve been extremely prepared and bought most of the xmas pressies already, how very unlike me since I’m a professional procrastinator.

This week’s outfit is inspired by plaid. I’ve seen lots of plaid shirts around this winter which is great for keeping you warm. However, I wanted to try something a little different. So when I got to use plaid collar from Q.E.F. I was super excited to create an outfit with it. So here’s what I came up with:


I wanted to concentrate on the awesome plaid pattern so I matched it with blue plaid print umbrella. You can add drama to any outfit including this black and white outfit. Check out those feathers! For more of my outfits visit

Feathers Plaid_Fotor

Jump umbrella_Fotor

umbrella small

Walking down that road


Styling by me
Collar: Q.E.F
Skirt: Zara
Long Hoodie: H&M

Photography by Lsquareproduction

Location: Aldrich Bay Park, Hong Kong

Shine like a…bauble? – Outfit Post

It’s only the beginning of November and I’m already in the festive mood. I’m preparing for a trip back home to good ol’ England to catch up with my family and my second family…my friends! Describing my friends I would say is like a dysfunctional family but no matter how much time has past a Christmas meal is in order. Yes a traditional meal of…Mexican food? Chinese? Argentinian? Maybe not so traditional but the catch up is what counts :)

So this brings me to my latest outfit. Anticipating Christmas/New Years makes me very attracted to shiny things. Check out these sparkly sparkly shorts! I know this isn’t ideal for winter but it’s easily adapted by adding a faux fur coat, some tights (stockings for all you yanks out there) and a pair of boots. Check out my outfit post for some tips on sparkly wearing.

Shiny shorts small


I love my statement necklace that looks like lace, it dresses up this very plain Forever21 tank top. What do you guys think? What do you like to wear around Xmas time?

Photography: lsqproduction
Makeup Artist: Makeup and Beauty Mayhem
Styling: Me
Outfit: Tank Top H&M and Shorts – FOREVER21
Tassel Bag – H&M
Location: Cyberport Arcade HK

Feeling Neon – Outfit Post – Weather Change

Soon I won’t be able to wear outfits like this, as you will have seen in my last post about winter arriving very soon. However, I still like to keep things bright with this neon look.

I like keeping things a bit laid back. Check out my post to how to dress neon.

Neon 01

Sunglasses small copy


These sunglasses are amazing, I got them from a HK designer called Harrison Wong, I recently did an interview with the men’s wear fashion designer. They are comfortable to wear and have a very nice gold detail on the either side. When I bought them I didn’t actually know it was a men’s wear fashion brand but later one learnt about the designer and still fell in love his clothing.

I didn’t want this outfit to be a rave outfit but more of a casual look mixing neon with dark colours. So I didn’t mix contrasting neon colours.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Do you have something neon you love to wear?

Photography: lsqproduction
Makeup Artist: Makeup and Beauty Mayhem
Styling: Me
Outfit: Neon Pink Top and Sunglasses – Harrison Wong
Shoes – H&M
Location: Cyberport Arcade HK

Outfit Post – Keeping it Faux

Winter is coming. Game of Thrones memes just pop instantly into my head as I say that. But I’m a weirdo, I am really excited about cooler weather. Asia is hot, damn hot.

This look isn’t completely a winter outfit but easily adapted to the cooler season. Check out my post to see how to dress this for winter.


I love this skirt, I went through the whole Forever21 store to find a faux leather skirt, the original choice was a over the knee, high-waisted skirt but they didn’t have my size! So sad. But I found this skate skirt which I love!

Photography: lsqproduction
Makeup Artist: Makeup and Beauty Mayhem
Styling: Me
Outfit: Faux Leather Skate Skirt and Black Collared Shirt – Forever21
Shoes – Aldo
Location: Cyberport Arcade HK

It’s all about the bass – Year of the Butt?

Let me start off by saying that I know this may not be what I usually blog about but I thought I’d give it a shot. That being said this post does relate to YouTube so it’s not exactly completely off topic. This is a semi-serious, post as I do touch upon some serious issues/outcomes as I felt there is a need to mention it. However, because this topic is kind of funny to talk about it’s hard not to find it funny (the non-harmful stuff I’m talking about). I do have a fascination with YouTube phenomenons and social behaviour so here goes my rant or random thought process in play.

This year is essentially about the butt. Music has depicted that woman especially in music videos need to have a healthy round butt (I’m laughing as I write this, don’t worry I know this is a strange topic but hold on). If you’re Nicky Minaj or Jennifer Lopez/Iggy, you’re telling girls, women and I guess men too that if you have a big derrière (let’s see how many synonyms I can come up with for butt) it’s something to be proud off and that it’s considered beautiful opposed to a small or flat bum (ok that’s 3 synonyms so far).

Women in the Media

I’m all for the healthy image of women, I really don’t think it matters if you’re lean, curvy, voluptuous or straight up bootylicious (thank you Beyoncé for that terminology) it’s about appreciation of what you’ve got. In different cultures beauty is viewed in different ways, so essentially everyone is considered beautiful in some part of the world right? However the media really likes to warp that view, they are there to sell stuff to you and through some sort of marketing research they come up with idea that this is what you want or want to be. Let me tell you that the media is wrong, they’re goal is to sell a product or service so if you find yourself not like the girl on TV that’s ok you don’t need to be.

Depicting Lyrics

Lets get down to the music. Artists such as the infamous, pink lipped, posterior proud (that’s 4) Nicky Minaj emulates not only through her music but her whole image of the big buns (that makes 5). “My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun” ok so maybe she doesn’t rap/sing this but it’s in her song that takes snippets of Sir Mix-a-lot’s “I like big butts”. I don’t have to sit here to tell you what an anaconda is a euphemism for (or do I? Just google it if you’re struggling) so this is about what the opposite sex is attracted to. People found this shocking, just watch Teens React to Nicky Minaj’s music video you’ll see they’re uncomfortable faces while watching it. However, they don’t take it seriously they laugh it off, in our day and age it’s shocking yet but for what 5 minutes? Then it’s the next thing that comes along to shock us.

Then you have more subtler side of music where “it’s all about the bass, about the bass no treble” where “bass” is reference to the big behind (that makes 6) where Meghan Trainor sings about how it’s ok to have a big arse (oh that’s 7, I don’t think I’ve got enough synonyms left who’s idea was it? Oh right mine…) and her mum says it better to have it on the larger side.

Popular Sayings

Even beloved Youtubers have made comments about this booty (that’s 8 right there) trend. Pewdiepie hilariously makes comments like “dat ass though” in many videos. But it’s used in a comical sense, so I really don’t think it has an impact.

You must check out Ryan’s Higa’s parody “Sweet Wholesome Girl” (SWG) which debates the idea of songs that go against hip hop tracks’ usual content of the bad girl who has a big backside (that’s 9).


Soon as I wrote that sub-title I started thinking about something else, but what I’m talking about is the exercise suppose to firm/enlarge those juicy doubles (thank you Sir Mix-a-lotthat’s 10). This Instagrammmer made huge waves of followers with hers by showing different poses/exercises that got her her now infamous bottom (that’s 11). Yes I’m guilty of trying these exercises but it’s not what you think! It does a lot for your body strengthening legs muscles so it’s not just about image (at least that’s what I tell myself :p).

Is it worth it?

To conclude this random rear-athon (that’s 12) I don’t think media has made this an unhealthy issue, unless women feel the need to start doing buttocks (that’s 13) injections which can be dangerous. There was one story of a woman in Thailand who went to a bit of dodgy doctor who injected her and she later met her demise due to a bad reaction. It was sad as she felt this was something she needed to make herself look beautiful but the tragic part is that this kind of treatment is expensive so often these girls will find “doctors” who can give a cheaper deal which is very unsafe. Filler and implants are a quick fix to those who are unsatisfied by what they have naturally. Girls just don’t do it, nothing lasts forever including what they’re putting into you. Only recently there was a story of a British woman who had implants in Thailand who suffered from a bad infection which she did not survive. Botched beauty regimes are not uncommon.

I do suffer from low self esteem at times especially when I compare myself to those in the media but it’s a normal thing to do. We always want what we don’t have but often overlook of what we do. My advice is to not to take the media too seriously as most of it is photoshopped and a warped view of the truth. I’m not preaching, lecturing or telling you what to do. If you think it’s going to make you happy then why not right? But just give it a second thought before you do anything drastic k?

Hope you enjoyed my random rant. What are your thoughts on this? Think I covered all the butt synonyms? Lol.

One Shirt Dress – 6 outfits – Doing the impossible?

Hello lovely internetters!

I’ve been a busy bee putting together some interviews, videos and outfits/lookbooks. This is a mixture of my freelance work as well as personal.

I was given the challenge of doing my own look book for The challenge was to put together 6 outfits. I like a challenge but I love putting my own twist on things. So instead of the easy challenge of making 6 different outfits I made things I a lot more difficult by using the same shirt dress for all 6 looks, I know why do it to myself? Well I’m really happy how it worked out!

I was lucky enough to have my very own ALEX BLACK COLLECTION shirt dress. What is a shirt dress you ask? Well it’s a shirt that is long as a dress but this one is completely fitted and has a fabulous shape.

I live in a place which space can be an issue, HK apartments are very small compared to BKK or other parts of the world so saving space is a necessity.


The looks I created were:

One Shirt Dress Six Outfits


1. Winter 

Winter Look – All you need is some contrast, try a red lip and a green scarf which gives an almost Christmassy feel

I really love this outfit, it’s comfortable and great for winter. You can really add layers as it get’s colder, transitioning from Autumn to the Winter months. I like to add some colour to grey/black outfits as it really makes it stand out. The boots are super comfortable too.
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2. Casual

Casual Look – Leggings and Converse are all you need

I like to mix patterns with solid colours. Converse are comfortable to wear and add some colour.
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3. Autumn/Fall

Autumn/Fall Look – Brighten up an outfit with pastel colours

Wearing pastel colours with all black outfits are a great way to lighten up the whole look. Try a woven belt to add shape to the shirt dress as well as some brown/neutral colours.
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4. Business

Business Look – Studded Clutch Bags are great to add some texture

Who said business outfits have to be all suits and boring? I liven up with all black ensemble with nude coloured heels and a pop of green with a Burberry watch. Shirt dresses can be used to look smart while not being constrictive.
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5. Boho Chic

Boho Chic – Tassel bags and a wide brim hat is a great way to dress us this shirt dress

I’m wearing my beloved EDGE chain sandals from Zalora (check out my review here for ordering online). I have been wearing these sandals pretty much non-stop. They have some great chain detail and have a pretty a light pink colour. Wearing a light red/pink lip is great for Autumn and an alternative to the darker lip colours as it has a softer look.
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6. Punk

Punk Look

Why? Well why the hell not? I thought it was kind of unusual to use a shirt dress in this kind of style. I hadn’t seen it in my Pinterest searches so thought I would be this in the mix. I think it’s completely fun and edgy. I had to go all the way to Mongkok (Argyle Centre) to find some light pink hair extensions as I knew this would look awesome with this look.
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Let me know which is your favourite or what other styles would look great with a shirt dress :)

Coco Mademoiselle Outfit Post – Living by the HK harbour Good/Bad

Living so close to the harbour has it’s good and bad points.

Good points: an amazing view, great walks by the harbour, attracts dog walkers (doggies are so cute!), the smell of the sea (not everyone likes it but I do!) lots of restaurants to choose from.

Bad points: it attracts tons of people (especially on the weekend), watch out for dog poop, humidity and howling winds (especially during typhoons!).

You see some strange stuff too, old men swimming in the sea (even though it’s illegal), sword tai chi, singing lessons (Chinese opera) and plenty of stares from old people (apparently we’re interesting to look at, go figure).

But all in all, it’s a pretty good place to live. So what better than to do an outfit post right by the harbour! Bf kidnapped to be cameraman and me gazing into the distance (LOL).

I’m wearing a vintage Coco Mademoiselle sleeveless shirt I found in my local market and some high-waisted shorts. If you want to check out more of my outfit posts visit my profile for all my outfitedness…not sure where I was going with that.

All Hail Queen Clay Patra! – Clay Patra and Sassa Tini Nail Polish Review

I thought it was about time I’d try a clay mask. My usual mask routine is to use a hydration mask, anything from My Beauty Diary (Taiwan make) or Tony Moly. But I know clay masks have some great benefits such as drawing out impurities in the skin.

I discovered Clay Patra by Banila Co., the packaging is amazing and the pun is amazing. Only downside is that all the info is in Korean so I had Google how to use it:

Directions: Apply a moderate amount all over the face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Claypatra Package

Gorgeous Packing of Claypatra by Banila Co. $98 from Bonjour

I don’t actually know much about Banila Co. except it’s a Korean brand. I saw a few products pop up in Bonjour and Sasa. I picked up a Mineral Salt Clay Pack. Took this baby home and gave it a try, the smell is amazing! The texture feels a little like a cross between a facial scrub and a lotion, kind of a weird mix.


Finger swatch of clay mixture - Smells amazing!

Finger swatch of clay mixture – Smells amazing!


So I dove in and applied the mixture to my face, here’s how it looks (scary I know!):


Me face deep in Claypatra mask - feels surprisingly soothing and nice

Me face deep in Clay Patra mask – Feels surprisingly soothing and nice


As the mixture dries it does feel like my face is tightening slightly but that’s normal. Afterwards my face felt refreshed and smooth. I would definitely recommend this just for the smell! But it was a natural kind of smell not overly chemical and worked fine with my sensitive face.

It claims to “protects skin against dryness and offers moisture and nutrition at the same time for smoother and softer skin


Next up was a quick purchase of the Sasatinnie Mini Nail Polish in Rose:

Rose Sasa Nail Polish

Sasatinnie Mini Nail Polish in Rose by Sasa $10

I wouldn’t call this colour Rose, it’s more of coral if you ask me but with a more orange hint. It’s a very bright colour close to almost neon. I picked this up for around $10 from Sasa. It is truly mini, I would say you’d get a few goes with this before it finishes. I had to apply two coats to get full coverage. Been wearing for 2 days and seeing some chipping. I would suggest a clear nail polish over the top. A bargain for the price though!

Have you tried either products? What’s your favourite clay mask? Leave a comment! x


All photos taken by me, if you would like to use kindly keep the blog address and link back to thank you!


I recently did an interview with an up and coming Hong Kong designer Polly Ho who has a very unique collection called “Loom Loop”. Not only does she believe in eco-fashion but combines traditional weaving techniques with modern design. Versatility meets beautiful fashion. Check out why “Eco-friendly Fashion Isn’t Boring“. An exclusive on